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Yes. (Don’t you know them? Won’t you guess my name?) They’re fun, they started as a joke and went spiraling out of control. A little bit of anonymity can sometimes be helpful. And besides, aren’t we all hiding behind our original handle anyway? -- [[D_Idaho]].
Yes. (Don’t you know them? Won’t you guess my name?) They’re fun, they started as a joke and went spiraling out of control. A little bit of anonymity can sometimes be helpful. And besides, aren’t we all hiding behind our original handle anyway? -- [[D_Idaho]].
I do have a second handle, but I never use it... I took it as a joke to torment [[BuckFifty one night]] (in fun)... -- [[JoeCrow]].
I do have a second handle, but I never use it... I took it as a joke to torment [[BuckFifty]] one night (in fun)... -- [[JoeCrow]].
MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!... Uh-huh.Parts of my subconscious are sometimes unleashed for certain types of themes.  For instance in the world of UnCaption This!, I am known as [[NotTheMessiah]].  This is a take on my nickname of The New Messiah, being the founder of the TravisBickle Death Cult. As for the others, well to quote the misunderstood genius of the Go-Gos - "Our lips are sealed." -- [[TravisBickle]].
MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!... Uh-huh.Parts of my subconscious are sometimes unleashed for certain types of themes.  For instance in the world of UnCaption This!, I am known as [[NotTheMessiah]].  This is a take on my nickname of The New Messiah, being the founder of the TravisBickle Death Cult. As for the others, well to quote the misunderstood genius of the Go-Gos - "Our lips are sealed." -- [[TravisBickle]].

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Compiled and edited by Erik “Generik” Wilson. Copyright 1998. All rights reserved.

In your own words, these are some of the comments that I received from the questionnaire I sent out, what was it, a year or so ago now? Time escapes me, as you’ve probably noticed. Thank you all for your patience and indulgence... and for supplying me with a reason to spend far more time at the keyboard than is healthy for any one individual -- unless, of course, one is busy capping. You are truly an amazing -- and amazingly diverse -- group of people, and I think every single one of you Rocks Hard. I lift my glass in salute to cappers everywhere.

Wow. I didn’t know so much *could* be said about capping! -- Cari.

What is it that makes you want to cap?

I think CT fulfills every person’s need to be a smartass... yup, food, shelter, companionship, and being a smartass [are the four necessities of life. -- HanoverF.

I love being able to verbally abuse anyone in the media, politics, or... this side of the universe without having to worry about someone thinking badly of me. -- Passion_Pleasure.

To see some rather original comedy being doled out by everyday people like myself. It’s also fun to compare what others say about different caps (and that weird mind meld you get when another guy makes almost the same cap). Last would be that I’ve made some friends on there, and I just want to say hello and hang out. -- Seltaeb.

What makes me want to cap? Well, frankly, the anonymous insanity I can let loose while there. It’s not everyday you can walk up to a stranger and yell out “Porky Spice!” -- Artanas.

I don’t know where this need to cap comes from, probably from caffeine-induced sugar highs. Capping is a waste of of my precious youth, when I should be out doing something like sports or homework, but it sure is a hell of a lot more entertaining. -- ToeBandit.

It satisfies a basic need to be accepted, as well as providing a place to exercise a competitive edge. -- JoeCrow.

For years, I would watch bad movies and yell comments at the screen. I once got a standing ovation during a showing of Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!. Then came MST3K, then came a way for me to offend people on a global scale by taking part with CT! Hell, wouldn't you? CT! is the only thing that can... keep my humor mojo working and quench my unbridled hatred for everything moronic in the world. It's a great way to fight back. -- TravisBickle.

I’d have to say it’s the desire to be funny and entertain my fellow cappers. And be entertained by them in return. -- Steve_Reeves.

...Hippie started the same night that I did, and before long JoeCrow and GuloGulo joined us. We used to cap every night for six to eight hours straight, right on through the week... It was just a damn blast... the recklessness of it, no expectations or history to deal with. Back then we all seemed to be neck and neck in the race to be the funniest, to come up with the greatest cap, and to make a name for [ourselves]. -- Jazzsoda.

Being ignored most of my life by parents and peers, I finally found [a place] where I could be accepted... of course, none of these people ever met me in public, and if they had, they’d probably have to get a restraining order against me. -- darkvortex.

The fact that I was abused as a child. -- MirandaRamsey.

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember... [I remember] telling my mother, “Look, Mama, Clutch Cargo has real lips!” As you probably have gleaned by now, I’m a TV and movie addict from waaaaaay back, and it’s tough to get through the worst of it without making up your own dialogue. -- JoeCrow678.

It’s fun, you get to laugh a lot, you meet people, maybe make some friends, and there’s a comradery there that’s great. And getting compliments on your captions, maybe even getting some of them into other cappers’ galleries is the best! -- Agent_Moldy.

Got nothing better to do than waste time annoying the good cappers. -- D_Idaho.

I love the thought that, at least on occasion, I can make some people laugh. (Uh, I mean on purpose.) And it does WONDERS for my ego when someone expresses their appreciation. It’s also oddly gratifying that there’s such a diversity of interests in the gallery; I can make caps about physics, comic books, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and the writings of Joseph Campbell (for example), and... have SOMEbody recognize what I’m talking about. -- Geier.

Due to my schedule, it’s really about the only socializing that I get. Plus, since it’s done through the faceless world of cyberspace, I can feel more comfortable about saying things and expressing myself in ways that I normally wouldn’t. -- SunSinner.

My need to humiliate people other than myself. -- clover.

CT... [is] a fast-paced challenge to be humorous, and a great interaction with quick-witted and friendly cappers. I love to laugh... and it is the BEST place to do that. -- MadSigntist.

How did you first learn about the existence of Caption This?

My experience with Caption This! began with a secret cabal of government scientists attempting to increase the level of ambient foofiness in the ether. It’s the same old story involving experiments that violate the laws of nature, unrealized sexual tension, furtive glances and protestations of undying love, subsequent shame and recrimination, and official denial of anything having to do with cheese. But enough about my sex life; back to CT... -- Geier.

I was full of ennui, sitting at my desk in the mental health building of the VA Hospital in San Francisco, helping administer a substance abuse grant and directing psychotic heroin addicts to their respective doctors, when I stumbled onto CT... I... found it hilarious -- and intimidating. After probably a couple of weeks of lurking, I finally got up the nerve to step up to the plate, and have been batting about .220 ever since. There is definitely a learning curve. -- amycamus.

I sat at the computer, looked up MST3K, saw Caption This!, and began a new life. -- Passion_Pleasure.

I stumbled onto Caption This! purely by serendipity; I was at the university computer lab my wife works at, cruising the ‘net, minding my own business, when I decided to visit the SciFi Channel’s website for the first time. I remember visiting the MST3K portion of the SFC site (still the only reason why I visit)... I think that I actually started capping on only my second visit, and I haven’t stopped since. -- Widget.

I first became aware of Caption This! sitting in the Kent State University library computer lab, browsing the ‘net. I noticed the guy next to me (I have since forgotten his handle, I’m afraid. I never thanked him.) was on what appeared to be an MST3K site, so I asked him about it. He filled me in. I have been hooked ever since. -- Beedo.

My father had bought a new super-deluxe mega-expensive computer, complete with working modem. Relatively new to the Internet, I didn’t do anything like chat rooms or email or anything remotely deemed dangerous by my parents (i.e. everything). ...I stumbled blindly upon the Dominion, and of course, CT. I spent about nine hours that first day. Annnnnnd the rest is history. -- ToeBandit.

Well, pure chance really. I was new to the net at the time and I was trying to find out about the Sci-fi Channel picking up MST3K... First capper I ever saw was Occupant. Never laughed so hard in my life. I figured if I could keep company with someone like this, I simply have to join up. So I credit Occ with why I cap today. Very soon, I saw the amazing work of Artanas, Hippie, Jazzsoda, JoeCrow, saraphin and tons of others, and it was incredible. So great in fact, that I had to get my good friend, Sondheim in on the deal too. It is the most entertaining and healthy pastime I have. Next to all those Nastassja Kinski movies of course. -- TravisBickle.

Spending long hours in the computer lab, and getting bored watching dust bunnies mate, I decided to see what the SFC site had... what caught my eye the most was a page where you could see if you had the “funny.” -- darkvortex.

I’m relatively new at CT, I started back in February... *cough spit* Yep, back then we had to hook ‘em up to the track-TOR to get ‘em started... I found out about CT when I *didn’t* have a computer, at my mom’s office. I trudged three miles through the snow, uphill both ways (So I had a ride on the way back? It’s still uphill.) after school to get on the computer. I... thought it was a game of some sort... then I found out what you were doing, laughed my ass off, and tried to join, but I didn’t have an email address then. I tried to use the business’, but all the mail goes through one guy there (hehe... can you say “grounded”?)... -- Elle.

I started capping when they were heavily doing the making of the Star Trek Borg movie. I mostly remember Lindababy, and I believe Monkeygirl was there; I was on mostly during the day. People came on sparsely, and I don’t think generally knew what was up. It was about a month or three after MST left Comedy Central. Actually, the “Good Old Days” kind of sucked; things are much better now. -- Mr13.

When I got a computer back in October of 1996, the first thing I looked for on the Internet was MST3K stuff. I saw Caption This! but... wasn’t too hip to it. ...I found CT again in January, 1997, and this time decided to join and get in on the fun. -- CaveDweller. {Not so sure about those dates, Cave... -- Ed.}

I had always had an affinity for machines. I could pick up a drill and instantly know where to apply pressure to a victim to get them to scream the most. That affinity translated to a small knowledge of computers. I got my computer (thank you Mommy and Daddy), but I didn’t have Internet access for a long time after that... When my wife and I finally got net service... I did some investigating and discovered Caption This! I watched for about a minute before I decided that I had to be a part of it. -- Angel_Noir.

Just happened to be surfing the MST3K sites and VOILA! There it was like a paradise in the middle of the desert. -- clover.

I was surfing... and put in a search on MST3K... I was intrigued from the first, although I didn’t work up the nerve to try capping myself till about the fifth trip there. -- Steve_Reeves.

I was a lone MSTie, lost in the world when I got my first modem. When I was trying to figure out what the heck to do with this crazy thing called the Internet, I stumbled across the official site and checked out Caption This! Left pretty quickly, too. A few months later I wandered back in, bored out of my skull, when some of the people started talking to me. Next thing I know, I’m stalking SunSinner, and the rest is history! -- D_Idaho.

I clicked on the Caption This! link and was taken to a small theater-dressed page. The curtains unblurred into view and soon a picture was there before me. I think I stared at it forever, and it became apparent what they wanted from me -- it was an advertisement for a smartass to throw in his two bits, as far as I was concerned. ...I thought it was a one-time thing, maybe the picture changed every week or so. -- Hippie.

What do you like best/least about the site?

Caption This! is the grandest invention this side of the self-cleaning oven. I know because Caption This! cleans itself automatically every time someone posts a fresh new caption, plus it never leaves behind a fishy smell all evening after you’ve baked in it. -- JorGGirrrl.

The best caps always seem like the capper must have beamed the picture straight out of their mind and onto the screen. -- Jazzsoda.

Unlike chat rooms that consisted of such stupid content as >What are you doing? >>I’m sitting at a computer. >What a coincidence, so am I, Caption This! had a common activity instead of just random chatter. -- darkvortex.

It’s a stress outlet of sorts, and if I make someone laugh from a cap of mine, all the better. Makes me feel better, too. -- Artanas.

I feel like right now is probably a sucky time. The banners were a sign. Then the idiot illiterates who began to show up in droves and make hideously unfunny (and often misspelled) captions like “Look hony I ate the viagra nad now im ready” and the like. You know what I’m talking about. -- E_B_A.

Best: Comradery, anonymity, hilarious caps, great cappers, bad programming (to make it easy to cap), the commercials (never thought I’d like those), and the pats on the back for good caps. It’s always nice to get positive reinforcement from fellow cappers that you adore. Least: Capping the same things over and over. A few times it’s funny, but after about 15 on the same subject it is too repetitive. Using a screen to *only* talk personally. We want to be entertained, you know? -- Passion_Pleasure.

Can’t think of what I like best, so why not just critique it? I hate the SciFi Channel server. I hate SeaQuest not having changed time slots since the beginning of time. Those banners get on my nerves (has anybody ever clicked on one on purpose?). I hate having to type my name and password every time! I hate the lack of a spell-checker (arg!). -- D_Idaho.

It’s a relief for a few hours. It’s improved my memory and my sex life. Vive! -- MirandaRamsey.

Best: Brilliant, hilarious, kind people -- and you just gotta give kudos to the folks at SciFi who keep this thing running. Least: Racism, sexism, homophobia... and a host of other evils which appear from time to time in the gallery. And the seeming inexhaustability of giggly sex captions, scatalogical captions, etc. etc. -- I mean, part of capping involves at least SOME effort to rise above that crap... -- amycamus.

The best thing about CT is that it’s free. No charge, no monitoring. I remember when CT added banners. People freaked like the world was going to end, but come on... IT’S FREE. The worst thing? I guess the idiots every once in a while. Or the people who find cursing in every cap amusing, but one can always ignore an idiot. --Cerg.

Best: The chance to give my offbeat sense of humor an outlet; the cool people I’ve met through CT. Least: Far too much of what SciFi puts on the air simply does not inspire me! Also, we occasionally get some asshole who logs on to CT just to cause trouble. -- NightTrain.

Basically, I like it for the same reasons I mentioned in my answer to the first question. {See above -- Ed.} What I dislike are constantly lewd/crude/rude cappers, people who do nothing BUT chat, badd spelurz and YELLERS!!! I also get irritated at people who get all upset just because no one said “hi” to them. It doesn’t mean we don’t like you, we’re just busy capping, or might have even missed your entrance. -- Agent_ Moldy.

Best: Nice graphics, no censorship, the ability to create your own user profile and peruse others to find people with common interests. Worst: Banners, banners, slow server on occasion (I think SFC has addressed this, I haven’t had much trouble with it lately), banners, seeing Shatner on a banner with probably the worst rug ever, and for some reason, I can’t access the chat rooms. Maybe it’s my work computer, I don’t know, but it’s very slow getting into chats, particularly moderated ones. Did I mention banners? -- JoeCrow678.

Caption This! has changed my otherwise meaningless life. I’ve met the nicest people in the whole world there, people that I hope to keep as friends for a LONG time to come. -- CaveDweller.

Best: Getting to talk with all the interesting people who use CT, being able to totally dis whatever I don’t like. Worst: When I run out of cap ideas, or my computer quits during a good session. -- Ash_Skywalker.

It’s extremely fun to rip on SciFi’s programs, because most of them so obviously deserve it. It’s fun, and it’s a friendly place. The only drawbacks are the slow load time, banner ads, and annoying jerks who occasionally show up and spoil things for everyone. -- Beedo.

Best -- It’s a good place to get out all those hidden desires to be an entertainer of some sort. It’s a good place to meet other equally entertaining people. And, apparently, it’s a good place to meet the woman of your dreams! Least -- It’s a damn slow site sometimes! It can take up to 10 minutes on slow nights to post a cap, and I’ve had some of my best get swallowed by the slothful server monster. Can’t say as I like reading some of the language some cappers use, especially since there are sometimes younger kids present. -- Steve_Reeves.

These men and women are the pinnacle of humor at its quickest form. The funny stuff that we come up with in 5 minutes or less is great! I might put too much importance on it, but Caption This! feels like home. -- Angel_Noir.

We love to trash the SciFi Channel, all of us, I think... but I’ve actually had nothing but respect... despite those once-in-a-while complaints, like the banners... or the changing of the images from GIF to JPEG format. They’ve had pretty big balls (and I’m never invited) to put up a site that downloads their own network and puts the material up for constant mocking. -- Hippie.

I regret that I don’t find more time to cap than I do; many weeks, I don’t manage to cap more than one or two evenings. (Imagine how bad it would be if I actually HAD a life!) -- Geier.

Maybe I’m just a bit grumpy when it comes to “these kids today,” but I’ve noticed that a lot of the more recent (and usually temporary) cappers who show up from time to time just aren’t quite as funny. ...the few times that I do get a chance to go in and cap, I’m seeing more and more of the “does ANYBODY think my caps are funny???” and “his face looks dumb” and the “I’m just gonna chat to my girl/boyfriend about our friends at school” variety of caps, and frankly they get very old very fast. -- SunSinner.

I’ve always thought that the layout for CT was nice and basic. My only complaint is those damn banners. They suck. They suck. Oh, and... they suck. Why couldn’t they put them at the bottom along with that useless navigation bar? -- Seltaeb.

Aside from the site ad and overworked server, another thing which dismays me is... the malicious and education/humor-impaired kids that burst in, stomping on the responsible cappers’ good time. Unfortunately, the webmaster does not monitor very well for maliciousness, and stupidity is not as yet an ousting offense. -- MadSigntist.

Best -- The amount of talented people there who consistently fire out witty remarks from a seemingly inexhaustible barrel of laughs. Least -- The amount of untalented people who consistently fire out un-witty remarks from a seemingly inexhaustible barrel of shit. -- JoeCrow.

Who do you think are the best cappers around?

{Editor’s note -- For reasons that I’ve spelled out to most of you already, there will be no naming of “worst” cappers here. Also -- I debated long and hard about whether or not to include my own name here... and decided to stay true to the response that I got. If one of you named me as a fave, or one of the best, I left it in your reply, just as you put it. ...And, gosh, thanks!}

I think just about everyone has the capping talent. I haven’t met a capper yet that couldn’t make a good joke. -- Ash_Skywalker.

Well, there [are] really too many to choose from. Look at the roster for the TravisBickle Death Cult, and you'll see most of them, but there are also a lot of newer faces and not-so-new faces that just make the whole thing shine. I honestly and truly believe that the best comedic talent in the country is here on CT! No kidding. -- TravisBickle.

The Grand Masters, in no order whatsoever, are: Hippie, Beedo, JoeCrow, D_Idaho, CaveDweller, Dibbley, Geier, MirandaRamsey, GypsyRose, MadamRazz. -- WEIRD_1.

And O! the friends I’ve made. CaveDweller, MadSigntist, amycamus, Agent_Moldy, MST3K_Lover, D_Idaho, MirandaRamsey, BuckFifty... they and too many more to mention have made me feel so welcome... -- JorGGirrrl.

Oh boy, not an easy one! I started to try and answer this question, but I ended up naming off just about everyone, so I gave up on trying to answer it. I will say that I’ve become friendly with a few people... including darkvortex, bugwber, Xigeous, Generik, Steve_Reeves, MirandaRamsey, Shandi, and a few others... like rockfish, Mr13, E_B_A, questor, CaveDweller, Brondar and Ragbot (wherever he is -- he’s been missing)... I’m sure I’m forgetting people, but I’m guessing you’re planning on giving general responses, and not all the specifics of each response, so I guess it’s okay. -- Agent_Moldy. {Sorry. -- Ed.}

I’m not one to judge or name names... [but] personal favorites include: Elle (of course!), amycamus, Generik, J_Hawk, joystick, ArsenalXIII, omniknight, empressv, Steve_Reeves, JD1036, CaveDweller, ToeBandit, Shandi, Vicious, Scypha, Annakie7, clover, the original JoeCrow, Russ_Thornton... it’s difficult to name everyone, but my favorites are Elle and the Left Coast contingent... -- JoeCrow678.

The best include JediClone, Angel_Noir, HanoverF, Brakster, Generik, Beedo, E_B_A, and many others I can’t think of at the moment. -- NightTrain.

There are too many good cappers, and I think anyone is capable of really great captions. -- HanoverF.

It’s hard to name a few without naming them all, ‘cause I don’t like leaving anyone out, and there are some great cappers [whose names I don’t know, but] here’s a partial: D_Idaho, CaveDweller, Generik, clover, JD1036, empressv, J_Hawk, Steve_Reeves, Imac, BuckFifty, HanoverF, Dairai, and so on, and so on. I like the original and obscure cappers who sometimes make me think “What the...?” -- Passion_Pleasure.

There are simply too many to name, and even cappers who seem to me most of the time to be not very funny have surprised me again and again with hilarious, right-on captions. I’m a big fan of Generik, MirandaRamsey, Geier, Scouty, Agent_Moldy, Xtree... gosh, there are so many. Some of dem younguns are flat out brilliant, charming people -- Ash_Skywalker and Elle, to name just a couple. Some other friends/favorites: JoeCrow678, Russ_Thornton, BuckFifty, simorley, SunSinner, MadSigntist, bugwber... I can never remember them all. -- amycamus.

I won’t name any favorites considering they all are faves to me, and, dang it, I’d set myself up for a good ass whoopin’. -- Artanas.

I think the top cappers have a language all their own... Best: Generik, Xtree, Moldy, GersonK, JoeCrow678 and camus. Those are the top cappers according to the Bible according to Miranda. I happen to think they’re some of the best comedians around. The female cappers I like are Moldy and Elle -- Moldy because she’s gotten really good as a capper and she likes Charlie Brown, and Elle because even though I criticize her love-life, she remains sweet and even-tempered. She seems like one of those rare, truly feminine women. Unlike myself, who sports chest hair and a full Tolstoyan beard. -- MirandaRamsey.

All of us know that on any night CT is pretty filled, with some times being busier than a whorehouse on two-for-one coupon day. But even through the bulk of names, you pick people out, I think. Folks who have their own style, stand out in some way or another, or just plain make you laugh over and over.The ton of friends I have made over CT have all come around to my acquaintance like that -- Occupant, Artanas, AgentQ, keogh, Shifter, Seltaeb, bosko, rogeemoto, TravisBickle, E_B_A, KINGDINOSAUR, Cerg, Goob, and so many more it gets to be like an Oscar show trying to name them all. -- Hippie.

Best male capper in my opinion would be BuckFifty. Female, MirandaRamsey. -- clover.

The 100 monkeys with 100 typewriters theory does hold true, but... there are a few whose talent seems limitless. Hippie, Jazzsoda, GuloGulo, MadSigntist, BuckFifty, to name a few who are still among the ranks of Captioneers still filling galleries. -- JoeCrow.

I usually caption from a place of fear and awe of cappers such as Geier, who in my opinion is the funniest capper I have ever had the pleasure to joke with... followed closely by JorGGirrrl. -- MadSigntist.

...I remember being welcomed in by cappers who eventually became very familiar, Mad, Buck, Geier, Cave and Idaho among them...What I think really kept me coming back to the site was the fact that they could all make me laugh so hard (Geier in particular... the man’s so fun it’s almost indecent)... -- SunSinner.

One Saturday afternoon I happened to caption an old Hammer Horror film with an original and brilliant capper named Joni. [She] subsequently emailed me and told me of the fun and frivolity she’d been sharing with a hardy band of captioners... I determined to investigate this bizarre group -- which included (or eventually came to include) such luminaries as Joni herself, CaveDweller, MadSigntist, BuckFifty, SunSinner, MirandaRamsey, MadamRazz, AgentQ, Generik, and a cast of thousands -- and ended up falling under their hypnotic spell. -- Geier.

I love, admire, and emulate Artanas and Jazzsoda. TravisBickle and Hippie make me cry with laughter sometimes. Cerg, Occupant, Seltaeb, keogh, Shifter, AgentQ, and many of the other night shift members rule the waves for me. Day folks that get my vote for goodness include Beedo, Mr13, Agent_Moldy, and too many others to mention. ...Angel_Noir, JediClone, KINGDINO, and so on... Heck, I couldn’t POSSIBLY name all of my favorite cappers, and I’m not going to try. Just know that if I acknowledge a capper’s existence or compliment you, you’re in my cool list. -- E_B_A.

I’d have to say the best capper around, who can make me laugh on a consistent basis, is the one and only Geier! What orifice of his body does he pull those things out of? How the hell does he write them down so fast? Why is he not writing his own show for Fox? Honorable mentions include: BuckFifty, SunSinner... hmmm... I am pretty discriminating, aren’t I? But then again, anybody can make me laugh at anytime, and then just disappear into the fog of mediocrity forever and ever. -- D_Idaho.

The funniest capper, I thought, was a woman named JorGGirrrl. Man, she always cracked me up with a wit and wisdom that was unmatched. ...BuckFifty... Kit... There are SOOOOO many others that have become GREAT friends to me. People like (in no order) Joni, MadSigntist, Geier, MirandaRamsey, Cari, MadamRazz, JoeCrow, SunSinner, D_Idaho, Beedo, Ash_Skywalker, MST3K_Lover, Occupant, LizardQueen, E_B_A, Steve_Reeves, Shandi and SOOOOO many others. I KNOW I’m leaving people out, but these are the ones that I remember the most. -- CaveDweller.

Geier never fails to make me laugh at least once per cap session. Agent_Moldy is the quickest wit of the afternoon cappers I’ve been acquainted with. clover is one of the strangest, and funniest, women I’ve ever known, and D_Idaho has the best MST3K site I’ve seen so far. (And not just because he posted my review of Space Children!) empressv is my one true love, and is also a *very* quick wit. -- Steve_Reeves.

When do you like to cap?

There are a ton of cappers I would love to cap with more often, were it not for the fact that so many of us cap by the availability of our own schedules. Personally, I don’t feel at ease tuning in before midnight to cap, while I know some folks feel most at home early in the morning when the cartoons and most ignorant SFC programming hits the air. There aren’t enough hours in the day, nor enough amphetamines in the cabinet for me to catch everybody’s stuff... -- Hippie.

Anytime, as long as [my favorite cappers] are on. -- MirandaRamsey.

I eventually decided to start my regular capping on Friday nights, being that I got off work early that day, and those infomercials didn’t start ‘til real late. It was there I got my first exposure to the weekend veterans... Artanas, Hippie, Jazzsoda, Occupant, keogh and others. Sure, these were guys I couldn’t hold a candle to, but the time frame generated more cappable material for my developing capping skills, so I stuck with it. -- Seltaeb.

I caption when I find the time, and sometimes when I DON’T have the time. The late night shift is fun before the infomercials come on, as is any time slot with a particularly cheesy show, such as Lost In Space or Wonder Woman. -- Beedo.

When I have time, which is in the middle of the day, or early morning (2-3 AM). No one is on in the early morning, so it kinda sucks, but it also sucks when it’s so busy you can’t even see your own caps, let alone others. I like capping with about 5 or 6 others. Small, but not too small. -- Passion_Pleasure.

Whenever I can. I’m pretty much limited to work hours, so I don’t really even know the night crowd -- my great loss. For awhile, there was kind of a core group of “Six Million Dollar Man” cappers who all showed up for that, as well as another group that showed up for the Jack Palance show that’s no longer on, and so these were always lots of fun to caption since the same people showed up every day. -- amycamus.

I like to cap anytime; Friday and Saturday nights seem like a good time when most people show up. -- HanoverF.

The times actually vary. I try to cap at work at least once a week at lunch, and at home at least two or three evenings per week to meet old friends and meet empressv for a little joining of wits! -- Steve_Reeves.

I found late night the best time to caption... This is when infomercials were still cappable, and all-nighters were the rule most every night of the week. -- Cerg.

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Saturday Anime, just about any[time]. --WEIRD_1.

Prime time baby! (With all my rowdy friends, none the less.) -- D_Idaho.

I used to be able to cap regularly each night, but that nasty little thing known as school has cut down my capping time a whole lot... -- SunSinner.

When I’m funny, although that’s obviously never stopped me before, but time-frame wise, I guess I prefer the late night/overnight sessions. -- JoeCrow.

I suppose I capped enough during prime time (6:30-9:30 CST) to be called a regular... MadSigntist.

When the spirit moves me. -- clover.

Anytime when there are good people is nice. But I honestly gotta say, I'm a creature of the night. Late night is when I do most of my capping, especially on weekends. Usually starting around 1:00 AM (central time). How do you think I learned of the great and evil Lapre?-- TravisBickle.

Late night or during the afternoon. I work in the evening. -- NightTrain.

Only in two cases; when India and Pakistan are testing nuclear weapons, and when they aren’t. Seriously, after work and Friday night. --JoeCrow678.

Any time of day is fine for me. I’ve had times where I had access to a computer at school, and I’d run into friends like CaveDweller, omniknight, Steve_Reeves, ArsenalXIII, J_Hawk, and more, all in the morning or in the afternoon. Any time of day is fine. -- Ash_Skywalker.

Right now, the afternoon SFC schedule brings out a lot of funny cappers and some of my favorite people to cap with, but really, I enjoy capping anytime. I’d love to cap more often in the evenings, weekends, and late night, but just don’t get the chance very often. -- Agent_Moldy.

What would your ideal movie/TV show for capping be?

Can you say “Starsky and Hutch”? -- clover.

As far as an ideal show for capping, it would be difficult to find a program as rich with raw material as SeaQuest DSV (which, since its move to 6:00pmCST, has made it difficult for me to rip these days), but some of my favorite stuff always seems to have happened during shows like Flash, Robocop and M.A.N.T.I.S., so I guess the superhero stuff is always a good candidate. -- MadSigntist.

Check out JediClone’s “Castle Forrester” page for an idea of that. -- NightTrain.

It has to be not only bad, but bad in a car-wreck sort of way. That is, it has to have what I call “spectacle value.” That’s why SeaQuest is so well-suited for capping; they generally don’t go for too long with nothing but talking heads on the screen. There’s almost always some piece of strange-looking equipment in-scene, or some bizarre expression on a character’s face, and that’s really all it takes. Lost In Space is also quite amenable, of course. (Talk about an understatement!) ...Heck, MOST of the SciFi Channel’s programming is usable in this regard. I guess I’d have to say, though, that I generally like capping movies more than TV shows. At least the SFC tends to repeat those a bit less than the series. (I find myself repeating my own caps often enough without needing to see the same things on the screen over and over again, thankyouverymuch!) -- Geier.

Best: Black&White 50’s scifi movies, horror shows, fresh infomercials. Worst: Forever Knight, shows with too much dialogue, and tired old infomercials. -- Cerg.

My in-laws’ home movies. -- JoeCrow.

I always thought Clash of the Titans would be a good movie to be riffed on on MST3K, so I suppose that one, or maybe the TV show Cop Rock. Really, though, as funny as everyone can be, ANY TV show or movie would be great. -- Agent_Moldy.

Hmmmm... depends. Must have a lot of variety. Can’t stand looking at the same scene all the time. Run out of caps quickly that way (of course when you do work within limits, you can become more creative, variations on a theme sort of thing). A few off-the-wall characters that look like vaguely familiar people. Hard to put [my] finger on what makes a good capping show. -- D_Idaho.

How long you got?? -- WEIRD_1. {Months. -- Ed.}

Ideally, Sightings is THE perfect show on SFC to cap, in my opinion. Its cheesiness, its dead-seriousness, its blatant disregard for Occam’s Razor (sorry -- I’m somewhat of a skeptic!) make it ideal (and EASY!) for a capper to rip to tiny shreds. Also, if you stay up late enough, the equally tacky informercials are perfect as Caption This! fodder. -- Widget.

Wow! That would take up an entire article in itself! You don’t have that much space... If I had one choice, it would have to be... the AMC Channel. Even though they show a lot of classic movies, they also bring on a whole bunch of real stinkers! -- Steve_Reeves.

Favorite capping show has to be the mighty mighty SeaQuest. There’s just so much that’s so wrong with that show... Worst show has to be (as of now) Space: Above and Beyond. That intense moody lighting may work well for atmosphere, but it makes it hard as hell to see anything decent. Sightings is a close contender for Most Uncappable Show, because there’s only so much you can say about Tim White’s expressions. -- SunSinner.

I used to like captioning Lost In Space at noon (PST), but Wonder Woman is pretty fun to cap as well. I’m not sure what would be the ideal movie/TV show to cap, anything that’s well-lit. Unlike MST3K, I don’t think you *have* to caption something bad, though of course with SciFi Channel programming it’s not like we have a choice! I like the movie The Omen, and had a lotta fun capping it. -- HanoverF.

Wherever there’s Kolchak the Nightstalker, I’ll be there! -- Elle.

I’ve often thought about how much we’re missing because of the scifi content of all the SciFi Channel programming. It’s the same complaint I have about the scifi requirements imposed on MST. When it was on Comedy Central, as lame as that channel turned out to be, the films that got MSTified were not limited to scifi, and of course there are some absolute gems in there. I would love to be able to caption some of the network prime time stuff, or old movies, or just about anything with interesting visuals that have a certain irony quotient. I’ve noticed that the best shows to caption are ones that have high-contrast visuals, a constant influx of new characters, and a fabulous color scheme (like LIS). My favorite capping experience, in terms of what was being shown, was actually an old black and white film that had a bunch of cowboys in it. Every shot was a kitsch gem, and the hilarious captions were flowing like wine after the harvest. -- amycamus.

I’d like to try cartoons, but that may be difficult, ‘cause there is too much precision in them. Old movies would be great. Black and white cheesy films like they do on MST3K, but without Mike, Joel, or the bots. I feel ashamed when I cap MST3K. After all, it was they who created us. -- Passion_Pleasure.

I deeply miss Dark Shadows and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, since they offered such a wide variety of material. I don’t particularly miss the telephone psychic ads, since there are only so many Jabba the Hutt gags even *I* can crack. If given the choice, I would love to rip The Star Wars Holiday Special to shreds. It’s the worst thing on the face of the Earth. It’s so bad, it should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention. It’s worse than the Teletubbies. BEA ARTHUR SINGS, FOR PETE’S SAKE!!! Okay, I’m calm now. I’ve put the scythe down. Next subject. -- Beedo.

We really need to cap Batman and Robin. I went to see it at the theater and found myself unable to leave. I couldn’t watch, but yet I stared, perversely fascinated. Only psychos, masochists, and garbage men would watch a second time. *shudder* -- ToeBandit.

A lot of the ones I originally wanted to do have actually been on, especially Sssssss and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies. Anything would be absolutely fantastic as long as it gives the opportunity to make fun of the little idiosyncracies within. Personally, I'm looking forward to cutting Shatner a new one with Star Trek. The only one I can think of that hasn't been done yet is Yor: Hunter from the Future, a bad 1983 movie which is sort of like 1,000,000 Years BC meets Flash Gordon. It is so horrible, and I've always wanted to take a shot at it. Also anything by Russ Meyer. -- TravisBickle.

...SeaQuest... as enjoyable as a root canal to watch, but a lot more fun to cap... -- darkvortex.

Best stuff to caption: 1) Kolchak! 2) the Quick ‘n’ Brite Infomercial 3) the Banjo Minnow Infomercial 4) either of the Learn Computer Basics Infomercials 5) gotta love the Juiceman. -- Jazzsoda.

I’d love to caption Friends and all the other shit-ass shows on TV right now -- Moesha, ER, etc. I’d really love to caption the new movie BASEketball, ‘cause it looks so repulsive, conventional, and dumb. ...What I’d like to caption changes by day, according to what I hate most in the media. -- MirandaRamsey.

I miss capping Kolchak, by far the most expressive facial expressionist on the channel. But I think all would be lost for me if we ever vaporized infomercial programming. If there was no performance art, infomercial hucksters would have to start it.They have a burning desire to entertain with their faces and hand gestures, they all appear to be a never-ending line of guys still living in dad’s garage, or people you can’t believe could borrow a dollar, [never mind] a bank loan. They are their own breed of creature, and they beg to be verbally pantsed and pink-bellied. Even certain litigious bastards. Especially certain litigious bastards. -- Hippie.

I’m not sure. I hate soap operas, Melrose Place, those types of shows. Same old thing: Guy wants Girl, Guy has affair with Girl, Guy’s wife has hissyfit and beats girl, Girl kills another Girl for Guy... just one big pile of crap. -- Ash_Skywalker.

As far as stuff that’s already on, it’s hard to beat SeaQuest, except for the puzzling third season, and when the whole show consists of screengrabs of Brandis looking like the poor man’s Leonardo DiCaprio... Personally, I prefer King Leonardo, Odie Colognie, and the Go Go Gophers... Sightings is another good one, since it features “real people” and reenactments that would embarrass the producers of The Legend of Boggy Creek. SciFi Entertainment is also great, if only for the Chase Masterson jokes. As far as something not on CT now, I’d love to have at the original Star Trek shows... Then again, I could rag on Honey West... [or] Valley of the Dolls, a perennial favorite. -- JoeCrow678.

What’s the story behind your handle?

I’m a cartoonist, and some years back did a story for one of my mini-comix called Bimbos From Beyond. There wasn’t that much that was really special about it, except that it was the first time that I used a character I’d created in my sketchbook earlier... a Widget Bird. Widget Birds are lewd, consume a lot of food and booze, and reproduce not unlike an amoeba. Like I said, the story itself [was] forgettable, but that one character’s stuck with me ever since. -- Widget.

Since I’ve got all the available MST episodes, and bore many of my friends to tears regaling them with with jokes from them, I was dubbed JoeCrow by the other band members. When I registered, Joe Crowthers had already taken that handle, so I added the 678 in place of 6 &7/8, which is both the Mad Hatter’s hat size (I think, maybe, I dunno), and Curly’s uniform number in Three Little Pigskins. 6 &7/8 contains too many illegal characters, so I shortened it. -- JoeCrow678.

When I started on CT last August, I was “3rdrock_girl” because I loved 3rd Rock From the Sun. But my love for it dwindled, and I decided to change. Since I’ve been a devoted Star Wars fan since age 3, I changed to my now-present handle Ash_Skywalker, a combo of my first name and the last of everyone’s fave space cadet. -- Ash_Skywalker.

I wanted the handle “Magneto”, but had to settle on Angel_Noir... my middle name is Angel, and my friends and family have always commented that I have a dark sense of humor. -- Angel_Noir.

Being a lifelong dadaist and having the label of “poet” thrust upon my shoulders at an early age, I’ve always enjoyed putting together words and parts of words that aren’t supposed to go together to see what kinds of concepts and emotions and fragments of thought they would evoke. In my mind, the words jazz and soda go together quite well, make me think of some kind of marketing campaign aimed at the beat generation, something hip and benignly sinister, heh. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a fan of jazz music. I don’t dislike it, it’s just a form that’s failed to catch my imagination as of yet. And I rarely drink soda, caffeine is a nasty thing. But there are rich worlds of association linked to both words. So there you go. -- Jazzsoda.

Agent Moldy comes from a stupid, pun-laden fanfic I wrote, which I’ve only shown to two people, I think, [neither] of whom are cappers. -- Agent_Moldy.

The “story behind my handle” is pretty simple. No story, just made it up on the spur of the moment when I joined my ISP. Figured I’d use the same for CT in case I forgot the password. -- Artanas.

At my school I became the notorious Shoe Bandit. I’d bound up to one of my friends and show her the pair of shoes I had nabbed, to which she would reply, “But aren’t those your shoes?” The Shoe Bandit was not very good. ...The Shoe Bandit underwent months of intensive training, becoming skilled in the art of Toe-Nab-Fu. Actually I just sat on my butt and watched a Jackie Chan marathon, same diff. -- ToeBandit.

My one and only handle comes from the name of Greedo’s cousin from Return of the Jedi. My first-ever action figure when I was a kid was Greedo. He’s one of my favourite characters. I just happen to like Rodians. They’re cool-looking aliens. When choosing a handle, I wanted to go with Greedo, but since he’s dead, I chose the name of his cousin. One day, I may take up another handle. Maybe Darkfax the Destroyer, my Saxon name. I don’t know. I’m content with who I am for now. -- Beedo.

I wish I’d... [chosen] a less boring name than “JorGGirrrl.” It seemed like a good idea at the time -- mainly because I feel sympathetic for any classic pop song that gets turned into a Barbie jingle. And if you don’t remember the 80’s Barbie ads set to the tune of Georgy Girl, please write to me and let me know what kind of narcotic you’ve been using. And give me a list of finer outlet shops where it’s available. -- JorGGirrrl.

I decided to be really rad and use part of my name. -- MirandaRamsey.

The history behind the name Seltaeb? Spell the freakin’ thing backwards. It was the name of the American arm of a British company that licensed Beatles merchandise in the 60’s. -- Seltaeb.

Passion was an XTC nickname that was given to me. Pleasure was an XTC name given to my ex-fiancee. I got my email when we were together, and thought it was fitting. It seemed to work well, so I transferred it to CT, and it worked there, too. I like it when people call me P_P. I feel like urinating everytime. -- Passion_Pleasure.

amycamus” comes from a documentary I saw at the Castro Theater about the Peruvian Incan Princess/singer extraordinaire Yma Sumac, who was hugely popular in the 50’s and 60’s, recording with Les Baxter, among others... Someone started a rumor that, rather than being a real Incan princess, the act was just an act, and she was really just a girl from Brooklyn named Amy Camus who’d reversed her name and gone on to fame and fortune. The rumor, alas, is not true. She really is a Peruvian Incan Princess, and still performs from time to time. Now WHY I chose that handle is a mystery even to me. It just popped into my head, and that was that. -- amycamus.

No real story behind my handle; Hanover Fiste was a character in Heavy Metal, both the magazine and the movie. -- HanoverF.

My handle is an attestation to my mild groupie tendencies, since it’s loosely based on a rather obscure ooey gooey love song where the guy is begging his girl not to leave him... -- SunSinner.

It’s really kinda boring... I just picked the first name that popped into my head. Sorry there isn’t a more romantic or funny explanation! -- Steve_Reeves.

I searched my MST3K Episode Guide for a good MST-related name. I thought of a few different ones, but for some reason “CaveDweller” just seemed right. ...I think of myself as kind of a CaveDweller. I’ve got no friends, no one likes me, and I just sit in my room and do my own things by myself. Heck, if it wasn’t for my jobs, I’d probably never go outside. So “CaveDweller” was born. -- CaveDweller.

My father called me the “weird one” in the family. -- WEIRD_1.

D_Idaho is the abbreviation of the name Duncan Idaho (hence some people calling me “dunc” from time to time). It comes from the book, weird-ass movie by David Lynch, and the soon[-coming] made for TV miniseries Dune! Basically, he is a bodyguard of the family of the house of Atreidies. -- D_Idaho.

As far as the meaning of my handle, we have not the time. I’ve toyed with the idea of posting it on my page, but it’s a lot more fun when you leave people in suspense. If you REALLY have to know, sign up for ICQ and I’ll be glad to tell you the story THAT way. -- E_B_A.

I type an average of 2 to 3 words a minute (with errors) and so I utilize a spiffy little 131 key keyboard I found at a computer show that allows you to program preset words into a set of numbered keys on the left side of the keyboard. Unfortunately, they’re limited to the amount of characters you can store, and when I programmed the first key to my name JoeCrowthers all the damn thing would repeat was JoeCrow. Hence the abbreviated name was born. -- JoeCrow.

My handle: My full name extremely condensed. -- Cerg.

...The anonymity of the Internet DOES make one a tad more willing to take risks, caption-wise. (I’d NEVER be so willing to fall flat on my face if any of you people really existed! Uh, I mean... oh, youKNOWwhatImean!) Actually, I guess it’s not necessarily THAT anonymous, since my handle “Geier” is just my last name. (So it’s mundane and lacking in any originality whatsoever. So go ahead, SHOOT me! Sheeesh...!) -- Geier.

I was working as a graphic designer in the sign department of a local sign/screenprinting company. I have always enjoyed the scifi genre of literature, hence I became the MadSigntist. I have since been moved to the screen printing design department, but somehow, MadScreenTest doesn’t have the same ring to it. -- MadSigntist.

I’m a big fan of old-time R&B and Soul music. Night Train was a #1 R&B hit for Jimmy Forrest in 1952, and became a hit again for James Brown & The Famous Flames a decade later. Plus, I call my college radio show The Soul Express, so it just seemed appropriate. -- NightTrain.

Oh this is pretty simple. The most influential film on my life was Taxi Driver. Robert De Niro's character in that movie was named.... you guessed it, Travis Bickle. -- TravisBickle.

Hey now... that’s a bit personal, isn’t it? Are you stalking me? -- clover.

Do you use more than one handle? Why or why not?

Yes. (Don’t you know them? Won’t you guess my name?) They’re fun, they started as a joke and went spiraling out of control. A little bit of anonymity can sometimes be helpful. And besides, aren’t we all hiding behind our original handle anyway? -- D_Idaho.

I do have a second handle, but I never use it... I took it as a joke to torment BuckFifty one night (in fun)... -- JoeCrow.

MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!... Uh-huh.Parts of my subconscious are sometimes unleashed for certain types of themes. For instance in the world of UnCaption This!, I am known as NotTheMessiah. This is a take on my nickname of The New Messiah, being the founder of the TravisBickle Death Cult. As for the others, well to quote the misunderstood genius of the Go-Gos - "Our lips are sealed." -- TravisBickle.

I have, at this point, five alter egos that I may use depending on my mood... -- MadSigntist.

No. One is enough! Besides, people know me as NightTrain now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! -- NightTrain.

Nope. Clover Blue and that’s it. With my short attention span and all, I can’t afford more than one handle. -- clover.

Yes. weirdone. WEIRD1. NovaStarguard. Just because I can! -- WEIRD_1.

Nope! I am Steve_Reeves and only Steve_Reeves! -- Steve_Reeves.

I finally figured out how to register for my Dominion handle (that is, the one I use most often)... -- SunSinner.

Yes and no to using more than one handle. Back on Halloween everyone had a different handle, so I made Cpt_Stern, but never really used it. I let a friend of mine I used to caption with have it, and he changed it to the more accurate Cpt_Sternn (and changed the password). -- HanoverF.

I’ve thought about it, but I just never have. I don’t have any particular reason NOT to, but I don’t feel drawn to using another handle, either. I definitely won’t rule it out. -- amycamus.

No. One is enough. I think it’s stupid and selfish to use up more than one ‘cause what if someone wanted to use JeremySpoke, and some loser had three names, one of which was JeremySpoke? I couldn’t get the name I wanted ‘cause someone had it... If someone out there is using more than one name at a time, it’s just not fair to me. -- Passion_Pleasure.

Ooh, OOH! How about “One Small Onion, Chopped?” THAT could be a good new captioning name for me. I just don’t know how I thought of i-- Oh. I’m still looking at that mini-quiche recipe. -- JorGGirrrl.

...Now I got at least a dozen aliases there. Go figure, eh? Those “other” handles I like to use when I feel like breaking my normal capping style and trying something different. Works pretty good, too; I’d suggest it to anybody. -- Artanas.

Usually I stick with Agent Moldy, but I have used a few others, some of which are known about, others of which aren’t. Basically, I do it just to see what will happen -- how I’m treated, what gets said to me, stuff like that. -- Agent_Moldy.

Yes, I have more than one capping handle. You’ll have to contact Brad Richdale’s lawyers if you want to find out what they are, though. Sometimes I just like to be able to pop into CT for a few minutes without all the expectations of being Jazzsoda and all the hellos and how are yous and such. These are great things, but sometimes you just want to fire off a few rounds without hurting anyone’s feelings. I know several other cappers who do the same thing, so I guess I have some safety in numbers on that issue. -- Jazzsoda.

I have one handle right now, but I’ve debated getting another one. I’ve recently become attached to X-Files, and I wanted a handle along those lines. But I think I’ll stick to the handle I have right now. -- Ash_Skywalker.

No. I see no reason to. I do see other people doing it, and to me that reeks of self-importance, skullduggery, and possibly schizophrenia. -- JoeCrow678.

Do you think there should be rules about who caps or what can or can’t be said?

I think we take care of that question as the need arises. -- MirandaRamsey.

YES!!! I don’t go for a lot of censorship, because I figure if you don’t like what’s being said, don’t go to CT, or go there when the offensive capping isn’t being done. Some people might use the argument “But what if the kids are there?” Well, if kids are there and there’s offensive language being used, it’s up to those kids’ folks, teachers, or whomever’s in charge to monitor what said kids are doing, and it’s up to them to decide whether the kids can stick around or not. I do, however, feel that if the Caption This! webmaster is receiving a lot of complaints about a particular capper’s language, attitude toward other cappers, etc. -- and I KNOW that has happened -- then that capper needs to be asked/warned to behave, or else be kicked out and not allowed back. Not being an Internet expert, I don’t know how that could be done, but if there’s a way, then I’m for it. As far as the infamous badd spelurz of late, I hate to say kick them out, but some of the stuff they post is unreadable! It’s time they learned how to spell! HOW old are they again??? -- Agent_Moldy.

No. Two words: Fifth Amendment. -- clover. {Not the First? Or are you refusing to answer to keep from incriminating yourself? -- Ed.}

No. ...Even when I strongly disagree with someone using CT to opine to their little heart’s desire, I just as strongly support the right to free speech. Most cappers are self-censoring, inserting @’s or *’s as necessary, plus anyone who’s mature enough to operate a computer has seen those words and will make [a] decision to use them or not. -- JoeCrow678. {I removed any @’s or *’s that may have been in the original responses... just so you all know. -- Ed.}

As for banning people from capping, I think just the needlessly obscene ones. The chatting teeny-boppers we can deal with, but the pointless cussers are just a plague which needs to be wiped out. Heck, I’ve occasionally capped something extremely foul, but it was either extremely worthwhile at the time, or I was putting one of those aforementioned jerks in his place. Besides, it’s a rare occason I DO cut completely loose, so I figure once in a Blue Moon is okay. Just not constantly. -- Beedo.

Hell no! I think it's great that there are virtually no censorship restrictions on CT! I once was pretty much run out of town after dealing with censorship entanglements over a very low-budget TV show I did. So I have no respect for censorship at all. Plus, if you've seen the language in my caps, and the whole "nothing sacred" approach, we all know I would be one of the first ones kicked off. Now, nothing pisses me off more than these brain-dead little morons who come on and instead of capping, put everyone else down. I can think of nothing more pathetic than picking a fight with someone you've never met 1,000 miles away. I've also seen a lot of slurs like "faggot" "spic"and other things that offend me to the core of my being. But that's the price of freedom of speech. You can't just have the freedom of speech that you deem appropriate. It doesn't work out that way. Freedom is for everybody, even for the dolts of the world. -- TravisBickle.

No rules in Caption This! I hate censors. Except maybe for Viagra caps. I’m really over them. -- Cerg.

You can’t choose to lock any... doors for some folks who just don’t get it. We’ve had the occasional idiot on CT, as any chat-oriented site. The vicious ones are stomped pretty viciously [themselves], a great sign of the community we all are. The idiots are ignored; much like in real life, they’re given civil servant jobs. Everybody picks favorites here and there, I imagine, but it’s generally a warm-welcome place for any newcomers and you always feel pretty good returning. -- Hippie.

No! That violates the First Amendment. God knows I could do without any more misspelled “dick” and “fart” jokes, but I’d never support the banning of them. -- NightTrain.

Anyone should be able to cap with [one] exception: You shouldn’t be able to put down fellow cappers, for any reason whatsoever. Unless it’s just a joke, and they know it’s a joke. But when there are rude comments made to other cappers, that causes tension. Not good. Down with censorship and oppression! Liberate us. Let us be able to use *all* forms of language. We can say penis, so why can’t we say cock? We can say fellatio, so why can’t we say blow job? We can say copulate, so why can’t we say fuck? -- Passion_Pleasure.

Even though Servo warns you “don’t work blue” when you start, I don’t have a problem with the use of vulgarity to give a cap a little extra punch. I don’t resort to it very often myself, but I think it really helps the joke on some occasions, and it never causes trouble for anyone (provided you don’t make fun of Brad Richdale, of course). Speaking of trouble, sometimes the occasional troublemaker comes in and maybe makes really vulgar jokes or starts berating others. I just ignore these guys, being that they usually come in once and don’t come back after they’ve vented their little pea brains. -- Seltaeb.

It would be cruel to tell someone they couldn’t cap. It just wouldn’t be right. But, I do have one plea: no more mean jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio. He is NOT gay, and I still believe he was swindled out of the Best Actor award at the Oscars, for Titanic. -- Ash_Skywalker.

I have no time for hateful cappers, but at the same time sometimes I fear that my caps are misunderstood. I often like to make fun of racism or homophobic attitudes, because I find them so absurd. I personally don’t think any area should be “off limits” for humor, and I think from time to time cappers who don’t know me well may mistake, say, a racist-bashing joke for an actual race-bashing joke. I don’t think we should have to spell out our agendas in ten-foot-high letters, so sometimes I pay for this by weathering a misunderstanding or two. But I think all of the regular cappers understand where I’m coming from... I don’t think there should be any rules about what can or can’t be said on CT, definitely not. The wide-open freedom of the medium is what has made it the spectacle it is today. I know a lot of cappers who are still afraid to swear on the thing, they’ll type f*ck or what have you, so I guess there’s a measure of self-censorship going on. I probably swear more in my caps than any of the other cappers I know, I just find it amusing. It’s a colorful aspect of the way people speak in real life, and to me capping without it would be like painting without using the color blue. You can do it, and it’s not necessary to have it, but it’s a real element of the world and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be there. In my opinion. -- Jazzsoda.

Nope. -- amycamus.

This is probably a bad time to answer if there should be rules... like many other cappers, I’m getting pretty fed up with lots of 12-15 year olds making really bad sex jokes nonstop... maybe there should be a rule [that] you can’t joke about it if you haven’t done it. And family members don’t count! -- HanoverF.

I don’t know if there should be any per se restrictions on cap content. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen any of the racist/sexist/homophobic/just plain spiteful comments out there, but it’s my most humble opinion that those who start flame wars really need to get out and interact with living, breathing human beings more often. Generally I’m of the opinion that everybody should cap if they want to, but if they’re just using it to bitch and moan about their private lives and cry for attention... then... take it to a chatroom or personal email. Occasional chatting is fine (I do more than my share of it as well), but if you’re going to cap, at least put some thought into the caps that you make. -- SunSinner.

Wow! This one’s a toughie! Being one who firmly believes in the right of free speech, I’d have to say no, but on the other hand, there are often younger kids present, and I don’t like the idea of foul language or suggestive caps done then... Put me down as undecided. -- Steve_Reeves.

The only rule I have is no bashing other cappers. Other than that, anything goes. -- WEIRD_1.

Anybody should be able to cap as long as they aren’t disruptive or ruining the fun of everybody else. There really shouldn’t be a forbidden topic. Most of us are adults, and should be able to take it all. Besides, it’s just for fun. Personal attacks really shouldn’t be allowed, but that more or less goes without saying. -- D_Idaho.

Fortunately/unfortunately we live in a country where the First Amendment prevails. That may be a curse at times but is probably the only reason I’m allowed to remain at the board at others. -- JoeCrow.

I... dislike overtly bigoted caps, whether racist, homophobic, or what-have-you. It can really bring down my mood to see the knee-jerk gay-baiting in which a few of the more seemingly-adolescent cappers indulge. (Especially when some of them exhibit the ability to be funny without resorting to such tactics!) It seems very easy to distinguish between the good-natured “Their love was forbidden”-type caps from the NAMBLA-obsessed, let’s-use-th’s-to-imply-lisping stuff which does NOT strike me as anything like good-natured ribbing. Oh well; such is life... -- Geier.

Do you feel a sense of community in Caption This?

Oh my yes! That’s what I love about it. -- NightTrain.

HELL YES! There is no other place on the ‘net that I know of that even touches the way we cappers have become a community. That’s one of the perks of the gallery. -- clover.

The regulars, for the most part, seem to have formed a loose bond of respect and admiration for one another, I believe, and out of that bond has come some very real and (hopefully) long-lasting relationships. Unfortunately, as often happens in any type of relationship, there have been some sad failures from out of this community, but such is life. And it is not hard to understand, when you consider the percentage of sad, lonely and withdrawn people that turn to the Internet for its anonymity and non-judgmentality. It is not a given that what works through a modem will work face-to-face, but I don’t have to tell you all this. -- MadSigntist.

Heck yeah! -- D_Idaho.

The most surprising aspect of it all for me has been how much I look forward to seing “the ol’ gang” on CT! I mean, it’s fun with a bunch of strangers, but it’s best with people you know. If I had to summarize the way I feel about CT, I would liken it to a daily “open cocktail party”, with a bunch of regulars and lots of new faces moving through. There is definitely a “social” aspect to it, as well as a strictly humorous one. The distraction of those occasional times when the “chatting” seems to overtake the real capping is the price we pay for that social aspect, I guess. It’s a small price to pay. -- Geier.

There definitely is a comradery amongst the cappers. It seems different time slots have their own core groups, and it may seem clique-y at first, but it’s not really. -- Cerg.

Yes, and as any community there seem to be several separate cliques that operate independently of each other, for better or worse. -- JoeCrow.

Oh, absolutely, there can be no question about it! Everytime SFC unleashes something on our psyches like Kolchak or TrekFest for instance, we're immediately all in it together. We have to band together to get through the muck. There is an unspoken bond between all of us. It's one of the reasons I founded the TravisBickle Death Cult, to enhance the community. Everytime everyone seems like they are out for number one, you need look no further than CT! Sure, it may be a naive way of putting it, but in its own small way, CT! encourages the idea that if we are going to conquer evil, we have to do it together. Damn, why do I feel like singing Kum-bay-ya all of a sudden? --TravisBickle.

To be honest, I think it’s great [that] people like my stuff, and I DO appreciate the compliments I get, but I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe I’n just stupid (perish the thought). -- E_B_A.

Yes. Just what the community is, is up for debate. -- WEIRD_1.

It was pretty cool when people started to recognize me there and type little messages to me. Since I’ve never had REAL friends, it was neat to actually talk to people that were nice. Certain people... talked to me a lot, and they started to become my friends. There are SO many... wonderful people I’ve met at Caption This... -- CaveDweller.

Definitely! I’ve developed quite a few online friendships through CT and, as you know, have fallen madly and completely in love... or did I mention that already? -- Steve_Reeves.

I think what really got [cappers] to notice me was an awful little piece of spam that I sent their way. Yes, I broke down and forwarded the infamous Hawaiian Good Luck Totem chain-spam that makes its way around the Internet from time to time. I basically chose the names of cappers who had made me laugh, and I forwarded it to them. As a result of that, for a short while we had a bit of a running gag concerning the fine art of chicken-choking as a sacrifice in praise of the Hawaiian Good Luck Totem... which in turn led to discussions of the fun things that could be done with pineapple rings... and I have a feeling it got a bit more sordid than that, but I made it a point to cover my eyes whenever it got too raunchy. -- SunSinner.

There definitely seems to be... a community on CT, or more of a sense of comradery with cappers you know (or think you know) then people with unfamiliar handles. There also seems to be a handful of cliques. I guess it’s the same with MSTies and cappers, most are friendly and kind, but there are a few exceptions that prove the rule. -- HanoverF.

I can’t remember exactly the first time I saw one of my caps in a gallery, but I found it to be a pretty impressive accomplishment for myself. It even helped drive me to churn out better material so I could hopefully get more up there the next week. And so it [went] until I seemingly became a member of the weekend capper elite. ...It’s something I never expected, but I guess they really like me. I’ve enever really thought of myself on a level near that of, say, Jazzsoda or Hippie, but I guess some do. I just think of myself as another guy making fun of a fuzzy JPEG of Boris Karloff, that’s all. -- Seltaeb.

You bet your bottom dollar I do! Wow, when I walk into CT people say hi. I like that. It makes me feel loved. -- Passion_Pleasure.

I was infatuated with the place when I started, as I think most new cappers who stick around are. I think the place draws people with a creative streak -- I know several cappers are musicians, artists, writers, people who nurse a love of some kind of self-expression, especially in tune with people who have the kind of slightly-skewed sense of humor MST3K itself attracts. I consider CT to be an extension of my house, like some kind of living room with doors to everyone else’s homes, where they all come out and hang for a little while. One of these days I hope to get a Captioneer convention going so that I could meet my friends in person. Any one of them I would love to involve in a project that called for creative comedy, and I trust them to be a good barometer of what’s funny or not. Could you picture all of us writing a show like Saturday Night Live? I live for the day. But until then, I’ll live here, it’s paid for through the year. -- Hippie.

Oui! Bien sur! Certainement! Absolutely. My cup runneth over. -- amycamus.

A few months ago, individuals representing Brad Richdale (or rather, representing the company *he* pimps for) threatened me with legal action over the content of my caption gallery, most specifically the caps I’d posted involving Brad and Fran Tarkenton. ...The captioning community really rallied around me, though, which was great, piping in with everything from legal advice and offers of legal representation to possibly serious offers of physical retaliation. I did my best to calm everyone down and, maybe thwarting the responsible parties, or perhaps giving them what they wanted, I moved my site to a new location without leaving a forwarding address at the old site. And in true Captioneer fashion, we’ve turned it into a running joke on CT, some examples of which can be seen on my Brad Richdale page in my Caption Gallery. -- Jazzsoda.

I was a little giddy at first, I thought every cap I posted was funny, even the stupid ones. But it wasn’t until a few nights later that I was “inducted.” I was capping, still with no friends to speak of. Then E_B_A got on and said hello. I had to pull my wife out of the tub and show her, I was so excited. (I know this must all sound soooo geeky, but I am still amazed that I am lucky enough to be in the company of you guys and girls.) E_B_A informed me that one of [my] first-night caps had been posted in Jazzsoda’s gallery. I had to be peeled off the roof. I bailed out of the room and headed over to Jazz’s site. Sure enough, my cap of a man holding a woman, and a guy in the bottom right corner (Karloff, I think) was posted. My cap was “I’m Earl Scheib, I’ll marry anyone for $19.95.” Man, was I honored. -- Angel_Noir.

I have a sense of community, plus trust. The cappers that I email regularly help me with any problems I might have, and are just good listeners. Plus, it’s nice to have friends! -- Ash_Skywalker.

I tried to keep a list of all the great people I met... I soon ran out of paper. After that, I *guess* I became a regular, in the sense that a few people knew my name (sing the Cheers theme song and I’ll nail-gun your head to the wall)... I was soon writing stories with omniknight and SciFiSanders, two of the coolest people I’ll ever meet, and I met my Joe there! Hi honey! *waving like a tourist in a loud shirt... hey, isn’t that a song?* So here I am. And I plan to be here for a while. -- Elle.

Sense of community in CT!? Heck, yeah. Nice buncha folks, and we all seem to get along fairly well together, with just a few exceptions. Sometimes, when someone’s had a problem with his or her website, that person has come to me, and if I don’t know how to solve it, I can usually suggest someone else who can. We’re always trading jokes and doing each other favours. I’d like to say Caption This! is like one big happy family, but it’s better than that. Most families I’ve met are dysfunctional. Wonderful place to hang out. -- Beedo.

The sense of community there is overwhelming. After years of trying to explain MST3K to my comrades, it’s nice for once not having to describe their wacky hijinx only to be greeted by “Oh, I don’t have cable.” We also have relationships outside of the CT room. We exchange emails, visit each other’s websites, and scam passwords out of each other. (Like a certain capper did to me, [but] after reassuring him that I knew where he lived and I know over 200 ways to kill a person, the matter was resolved.) -- ToeBandit.

All in all, you’re right about feeling a community thing with my fellow late-night captioneers. We even gab nonstop on ICQ ( a cappers best tool, heh). -- Artanas.

Yes, for the most part, but if you’re not particularly liked, watch out! It can get brutal sometimes! -- Agent_Moldy.

Yes, I feel a sense of community on CT, mostly with [my] list of Platinum Cappers. I know I’m trying, domineering, and not as communicative as I should be, but I love alla ya. *SNAAAAAAARF* -- MirandaRamsey.

Eventually I started getting to know other cappers as time went on, seeing that I wasn’t alone in my attempts to dissent from society. Cappers whom I thought were young turned out to be in their 40s or 50s, some worked in professional jobs at large companies, others sat at home capping while watching soap operas and talk shows, while others were using the computer at the local prison in-between downloading dirty pictures of Burt Reynolds and Liza Minelli. -- darkvortex.

Very much so. Many of us with very different backgrounds become almost like family when we’re together on CT, especially the Friday evening capfests. I’ve met more interesting people through CT than through any other medium, except possibly college, and it, like, costs money and stuff, plus you have to, you know, major in something and go to class and stuff, unless you’re like me (and I know I am), and you cut many of your morning classes to play bridge in the canteen till afternoon labs beckoned. Am I rambling again? Just shoot me... --JoeCrow678.

I’d just like to take a moment and reflect on the togetherness that results from familiar names, a common love of all things smart-alecky, and a warm, friendly environment that makes everyone feel welcome. Whether you’ve just had a bad day, or if you’re brimming over with euphoria, there’s one place you know you can go. We may not all know each other’s real names, but we share a common heartfelt bond... And we’re all extremely grateful for that special group of people who take the time to say hi when we log on. -- omniknight.

What other websites do you visit on a regular basis?

There are other websites? -- Agent_Moldy

Mostly those having to do with soul music, secular humanism/atheism, and left-leaning politics. I also enjoy websites that deal with pop culture history. -- NightTrain.

The Gossamer Project, The Annex, PA HOME of the X-Files, and the NASA website. -- clover.

I go to all of the Caption Galleries, as pretty much every capper does. I go to the Internet Movie Database a lot and Dark Horizons. Also,I spend a lot of time making desktop themes. So I'm always going to theme sites and sites where I can get the stuff to make more. I even started my own theme site a little over a month ago called TravisBickle's Themes Armageddon, with the help of Artanas. --TravisBickle.

Caption This! is what it is, and for now, it is still the best interactive group site that I have ever found, including the Palace Chat or mIRC. -- MadSigntist.

Naturally I visit the cap galleries regularly. -- Cerg.

Any and all of the Caption This! Gallery sites, in a vain effort to find a caption I posted mostly, and to read the others’ captions I may have missed. -- JoeCrow.

I was told by someone (it may have been Occupant or Cerg or possibly a voice in my head) that one of my captions had been featured in Artanas’ gallery. I had no idea what a gallery was, so I looked into it, and sure enough, I was posted. Then I discovered the other galleries and set about to make my own. I take credit for being the first of the second wave of galleries, the first wave consisting of Jazzsoda, GuloGulo -- he invented the gallery, you know... Give the man his props! -- Artanas, Hippie, and JoeCrow. Anyway, I REALLY wanted one of my own, and I had this fledgling (and poorly done) webpage, so I figured I could start... and I did... with six captions. Really. Most people have never seen my earliest stuff. -- E_B_A.

Blue’s news (a 3D gaming news site) [and] ain’t -it-cool-news (a movie news and reviews site). -- D_Idaho.

Just my lame website and any others about MST3K. --WEIRD_1.

The Weather Channel (gotta keep up with the weather when one is going hiking or canoeing!), Backpacker Online (for bits and pieces about hikes in my area and North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia), D_Idaho’s personal website, Joel’s Antsite, South Park, mostly entertainment-like places. Amazon Books, Adventurous Traveler Bookstore, Campmor Online, REI Online, etc. The Jacksonville Lizard Kings Hockey Club, The Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Club, the Atlanta Braves Baseball Club. -- Steve_Reeves.

I’ve only been floating around the Internet since October of ‘96. The sites I’d pretty much been visiting up to the point where I discovered CT were associated with my various Rok Godz (and I’m not naming names... I still visit those sites from time to time, although not as much as I used to). -- SunSinner.

I don’t really visit many other websites regularly, besides most of the CT galleries, and ESPNsportszone, or some others... oh yeah, and lots of porn sites! -- HanoverF.

Funny stuff: http://slapmyho.com Jack The Net Show: http://www.bezerk.com/netshow/end.html Like Drew Barrymore? Another actress? http://www.stardepot.simplenet.com/db/index.html Are you pure? http://armory.com/tests/purity.html For a picture of me, look above the “HOT” here: http://www.hothooches.com -- Passion_Pleasure.

It was HTML genius GuloGulo who founded the first gallery any of us gape-mouthed yokels had ever seen. So a little stealing began, no names being named, although I know I swiped every damn thing I could, and me, Jazz, and Joe all had our own galleries before too long. -- Hippie.

CT is pretty much the only really frequently visited site. But there are others I enjoy from time to time: Tommy’s List of Live Cams Worldwide, thesmokinggun.com, roadsideamerica.com, ain’t-it-cool-news.com, Yesterland (the discontinued Disneyland site -- everything you ever wanted to remember about Disneyland’s past), JZ Presents Disturbing Patterns (for when I want to change my wallpaper), Komar and Melamid’s Homepage, The Brian Wilson Webring, the Pee-Wee Herman Worship Page, and, believe it or not, the Keebler homepage, which has a wild interactive “elf” tree. -- amycamus.

I have a rather extensive caption gallery (http://members.xoom.com/ratel/caption.html) which highlights our different running jokes and themes, plus my own captioning site called “Jazzsoda’s Caption Lounge” which involves both live capping and theme-based areas (http://www.xoom.com/ratel/lounge.html). I visit the other capping activities linked from my lounge every now and again, and am a frequent reader of the Onion. Besides that, I mainly hit other cappers’ sites. -- Jazzsoda.

I visit a lot of things. During the school year, I go online for libraries that could help me with projects. Plus, I update my site whenever possible, or visit X-Files or Star Wars sites. I also peek in at fellow cappers’ sites. Ash_Skywalker.

Very recently, when I started putting together my website, I didn’t have any problems as to what to name it: “Widgetworld”. You don’t see the bird that often, but the name stuck nevertheless. When I registered with the Dominion, it was just as easy to come up with a handle. It would serve a dual purpose: establish a unique identity for myself on the Dominion, and hopefully promote my site at the same time. -- Widget.

The only other websites I regularly visit are ediClone’s, and my own, which I update every time I get the chance. That’s about it. I’ve got a number of other links which I visit, but since they’re updated sporadically, I only visit them about once a month or so. -- Beedo.

CNN/SI to keep up with baseball scores while capping, Lexie’s Free Pics for obvious reasons, AnnaCam likewise, www.nakedbabes.com, Celebrity Nude Shots... (do we see a pattern emerging here?). Actually, I peruse the web rather than stay on one site; I’ve found a myriad of interesting sites, like the Toon Tracker’s Lost Toon Site, featuring Clutch Cargo, Space Angel, Crusader Rabbit, Beany & Cecil, and too many others to mention. Another site I visit on occasion is the Calyx site, which details the artists responsible for the “Canterbury” style of British jazz-rock bands. To paraphrase Chance the Gardener, “I like to look.” -- JoeCrow678.

I visit many websites, but I’m too hot -- it’s 97 degrees out and muggy in Brooklyn and I’m allergic to air conditioning and I’ve been typing this damn thing so I feel like a greased pig. Time to go fill my ice water glass. -- MirandaRamsey.

Is Caption This addictive for you?

No more than crack or tar heroin. -- JoeCrow.

Yes, but it will never take the place of my first love... heroin. --TravisBickle.

Stumbling into the CT gallery, I approached warily. This could be great, or really lame. I checked out the gallery, and it was, fortunately, full of some very good cappers. I checked the current grab, came up with something witty, and quickly had to register. Sent in my cap, and was instantly addicted when somebody complimented my caption. From then on, I was always at CT. Actually, I need to go see what’s happening at CT right now... -- Cerg.

My dad... bought me a brand spanking new computer, which I promptly chased him away from. I got an email address, and signed onto the Dominion first thing. Oh, and that night! The earth moved as I capped for 8 straight hours... or at least until AOhell signed me off. I was there allllllllll weekend, and my mother had to remind me to eat. ...Not lack of coffee, or sleep, or No-Doz can keep me away from CT! -- Elle.

Just ask any of [my] cyberbuddies how completely Caption This! can permeate one’s life. It’s not simply the act of logging on and captioning screengrabs -- it’s a whole regimen, starting with raw eggs and a pint of baking powder at 4:30 AM, followed by thirteen hours of calisthenics, and finally a shower that MUST include Bath and Body Works’ special Caption This-scented gel soap. ONLY after this extensive preparation is a capper ready to tackle the activity of typing some goofy misspelt lines under a bunch of dimly-lit little photos. It’s not just a pastime; it’s something to put on your resume. You see your prospective boss looking at you strangely when he reads “Caption This!” on your list of credentials? That’s a look of RESPECT, baby. -- JorGGirrrl.

Geez... need you really ask? -- clover.

It was at first, but I seem to have gotten over it. I think Jedi’s site may have had a lot to do with that! -- NightTrain.

Sadly, I’ve found that the best remedy for CT addiction is to have fifty billion things that are more important than capping. In other words, I’ve been so busy this past year that I’ve only been able to cap once or twice in the past six months. I’d really like to start again, though! -- Cari.

I was the new guy... up until 4 or 4:30 AM “capping” (although at the time, I didn’t know that it was called that). I was hooked, and had to cap nearly every day after that... -- Angel_Noir.

At one point, it was all I could think about. Now, I try to control my urges to sign on, since I DO spend too much time at the computer. I need to learn how to live in the “real” world a little more. -- Ash_Skywalker.

Ask me when I’m done capping. Now get out of here! -- amycamus.

Since I started on CT, I feel the same urgency to show up on the weekends that anyone feels that they should call their oldest buddies and go out to a movie or a club or something. But our club’s already open, and the performers are ready and waiting to be humiliated -- some litigious bastard exceptions, of course. So I show up when I can, and when I can’t, I find the compulsion to explain why I missed it inescapable. People tell me what happened when I missed it, like it was a party. Because it usually is. Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, always worth the trip. -- Hippie.

Yes. Sometimes I lie awake at night shivering, and I think “I’m in California, I shouldn’t be cold.” Then I realize I hadn’t capped for a few hours. As long as I do cap every once in a while, it’s okay. -- Passion_Pleasure.

I don’t really think it’s addictive. I’ve had to stop for quite a few weeks at a time, and it wasn’t a problem. -- HanoverF.

It seems to come and go... there’ll be weeks when I’m there almost every night for a couple of hours, and then I might not see it for a few weeks... depends on my mood, and my desire to sharpen my wits and watch others sharpen theirs... -- Steve_Reeves.

Yep. -- WEIRD_1.

Let’s see... I’ve capped more or less every night since March of ‘97, except for the two weeks I had that motherboard put in. You decide. -- D_Idaho.

Hmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmm? ...I even remember my first cap. the camera perspective was from the floor looking up at a woman in bed. My cap was something like “You can stop crawling around on your hands and knees now, Dick” (as in Morris). I was so proud. But then I realized it takes much more muscle than one cap to be a capper. So, Rocky-like, I trained, and I mean TRAINED, baby. I’m now taut and fit as a fiddle, my fingers just fly across the keyboard, my butt continues to spread, I hunch, I giggle to myself at my friends’ brilliant caps, I drool and sneer and yell out “Ugh!” at the screen at the stupid caps, my real friends worry that I don’t get out enough, and they’re right, but I have no pride anymore. My husband looks dolefully at me from his highbacked chair as he reads the NY Times Literary Supplement or some such. -- MirandaRamsey.

Extremely, but too much of one thing gets old after a while, so I take time off on occasion. Also, if I don’t recognize anyone on there at an odd time, I’ll more often than not pass on it, depending on what’s on. -- JoeCrow678.

My ego began to take over as the compliments sailed in. It seemed I finally found a place where I could be recognized as a regular, like my presence at the local VD clinic. -- darkvortex.

Does a bear sit in the woods? Is Ellen DeGeneres a thespian? In other words, if I keep this capping thing up much longer, I’ll own controlling interest in the Betty Ford Clinic! -- Agent_Moldy.

I’m addicted. It might be unhealthy from a certain point of view, but at least it’s better than crack, and you stay more or less in control of your faculties. -- Beedo.

Do you cap at home or at work or at school?

At work, mostly; sometimes at my friend’s house. I don’t yet have a net-friendly home computer; I’ll move my capping base there when that situation changes. -- JoeCrow678.

I live at school all year round, and that's where I cap. My base of operations of the TravisBickle Death Cult is a computer I affectionately call HAL, residing in Hamline University (Half the school at twice the price!) in St. Paul, MN. -- TravisBickle.

Mainly at work, but sometimes at home, when I have the chance and my on-its-last-legs-keeps-fucking-up-on-me-loaner laptop decides to work. -- Agent_Moldy.

I do most of my capping from the comforts of my own home. Except occasionally when I do some during my lunch at work. But that rarely happens; I’m much too busy playing video games to cap. -- D_Idaho.

Any place I can find a computer. -- WEIRD_1.

Usually at home, but I try and cap at least once a week at lunch while at work. -- Steve_Reeves.

I only have access to the Internet at school (since I’m far too cheap to actually put out for a machine of my own). I cap in the computer labs, and there were times that I came so close to literally LOL over some of the stuff that [cappers] would say... now that I think about it, I must’ve looked quite strange giggling to myself in there while everybody else was studiously working away. -- SunSinner.

I cap at home, alone in the dark. -- HanoverF.

I... go on after I [get] home from work... Seltaeb.

Home. Are we done yet? I’m getting Harpo’s Tunnel vision. -- Passion_Pleasure.

At work, mostly, which means I’m at the mercy of phones, meetings, overseers, etc. But I’m a hard worker, and get my work done quickly, so I often have plenty of time in the gallery. I house-sit for a friend fairly frequently, and can cap from his computer when I’m there. I’ve tried capping at home on my little 386 laptop, but with a 14K modem, it proved far too frustrating. -- amycamus.

I cap at home 99% of the time. I’ve capped in my Caption Lounge from work a few times, but nobody’s supposed to know that, so hush hush. -- Jazzsoda.

Home. -- NightTrain.

I cap at home whenever possible, and I have the chance, I cap at school once in a while. In fact, I’m trying to get one of my teachers to sign onto CT, since he said he’d like to try it. -- Ash_Skywalker.

Home and school. -- clover.

Of course, I’m constantly amazed at how funny so many other people’s caps are. So often I really DO find myself “Laughing Out Loud,” and occasionally even “Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud.” ...Although, in all honesty, since I’m already sitting on the floor (with my computer on a coffee table) while capping, the “Rolling On The Floor” part may not mean as much in my case as in others’. -- Geier.

I always cap at home, usually with a cup of coffee in my underwear. (The coffee’s not actually in my underwear, I’m wearing underwear and drinking coffee. Just to set the record straight.) -- Cerg.

I’m a retired, illiterate, so I only get to cap from the protected walls of my home, but at will. -- JoeCrow.

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

I don’t chew gum. I think it’s nasty. -- Ash_Skywalker.

Nope. I keep it properly lubed. -- Passion_Pleasure.

Sadly... yes. -- clover.

Only if my dog sleeps on the bed. -- JoeCrow.

Not really, because when I'm not chewing it, Nastassja is and we swap. We have the strangest little sex games. Hey, don't judge me man. You're just jealous. -- TravisBickle.

Yes. -- HanoverF.

I don’t know... ask the woodpecker. -- WEIRD_1.

No, but it *does* get a little hard when I roll it around in kitty litter. -- Agent_Moldy.

If your mother says “Don’t chew it,” do you swallow it in spite? -- JoeCrow678.

Hunh? -- amycamus.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

No, a person can get used to almost anything... I once ate a woodchuck. -- JoeCrow.

No, but I’m fed up with being fed up! -- Agent_Moldy.

I know I heard this in a movie once. But yes, of course. CT! is the perfect outlet for manic depressives with a short fuse. -- TravisBickle.

Yes. -- HanoverF.

Sorry, too sick and tired to answer that question right now. Try again later. -- clover.

You bet, and I’m sick and tired of ordinary decent people telling me that I’m sick and tired. I’m not, and I’m sick and tired of being told that I am. -- JoeCrow678.

I get that humdrum feeling way too often. I’ve been battling depression since I was about 7 (I’ll be 15 on Sept. 14th). -- Ash_Skywalker.

Yes. Why can’t we be friends? -- Passion_Pleasure.

Hunh? -- amycamus.

Do you know what to do about that waxy yellow build-up?

Collect it. Form it into a voodoo doll. Knock yourself out. -- amycamus.

I’ve found Q-tips seem to get rid of it, just be sure not to stick them too far into your ears. -- JoeCrow.

First, I would annex the Sudatenland, then I’d pay a Dutchman to set fire to Lord Snowden. After all, Poland is an integral part of North Minehead... not much fun in Stalingrad, no... -- JoeCrow678.

Anyone with good grooming habits should know: use cotton swabs to clean your ears out after bathing for good hygiene and care of your inner ear to prevent hearing loss. -- Ash_Skywalker.

Yes I do, but you ain’t getting a word out of me about it. -- clover.

How do you think I hang my posters up? They stick too. Take that 3M!!!!-- TravisBickle.

Q-tips? -- HanoverF.

Q-tips and hydrogen peroxide. Gets it done every time. -- Passion_Pleasure.

Draw a smiley face and lines on it and call it a sculpture of the sun? -- Agent_Moldy.