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Meet the Cappers

Thank you Charles Atlas
  • Handle: HanoverF
  • Real Name: Frank
  • D.O.B.: October 1977
  • Occupation: Hooligan
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kids: unknown
  • Handle Origin: A timid little guy who turns into a hulking tell-it-like-it-is brute seemed like the perfect Alter ego name for the internets
  • Alternate Handle(s): I forget em all, PassoverF, HandoverPresents, I think DeadlyRingo or some variation on the dreaded one.
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

I forget when I started Capping, I'm bad with dates (see: Marital Status). I remember signing up for the Dominion back when they broadcast some kind of interactive Prisoner episodes with chat taking up the bottom of the screen. I don't think the fans trying to philosophize the meaning of #6's ordeal appreciated my attempts to MST3K it up. I checked the Sci-Fi site frequently when they aquired MST3K and remember stumbling on Caption This!, but it was fairly dead, and then later rediscovering it when there were funny people making funny captions, And I've been showing up to suck the energy out of the room ever since, until I stopped. And then I came back and everyone else stopped... And then it was shut down.