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Meet the Cappers

  • Handle: GlitterRock
  • Real Name: Michael S. Lucart
  • D.O.B.: March 24, 1969
  • Occupation: purchasing agent, restaurant
  • Marital Status: alone.... sooooooo alone.
  • Kids: unknown
  • Handle Origin: Taken from supervillain "Glitter Rock" from Sid & Marty Krofft children's show "Electra Woman & Dyna Girl."
  • Alternate Handle(s): TheRimmerExperience (Caption This), GlitterRockMyWorldBaybee (2001 Batchelor Party), GlitterBellRock, GlitTurkeyRock, GlitTerrorRock (holiday handles), Screengrab Gods, Screengrab Cowell, Screengrab Neville, Screengrab Walken, Screengrab Spongemonkey (Cap-Page Board image-posting)
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

Early Capping History

Originally introduced to Caption This by Amon in 1996/1997. (though Amon credits him with finding the site) The first program he ever capped (very badly!) was "The Hidden" using Amon's name -- with his permission. After getting his own computer, he registered the "GlitterRock" handle, and capped semi-regularly on Caption This; mostly mornings and evenings, and afternoons on weekends.

The Running Gags

A fan of the running jokes, GlitterRock contributed to them frequently on Caption This, even starting a few of his own. Examples include Ooo, is that cheesecake?, Steve the Astronaut, and Jerry Doyle For Congress.

Capping Websites GlitterRock Maintains

The Lair Of GlitterRock In 1999, GlitterRock finally took the advice of animebabe and opened his own website to archive captions. "The Lair Of GlitterRock" was first hosted on and over time ,because of the volume of material, it expanded over several other sites as well (, sideman.freeservers, glitterdome.freeservers, glitteranium.freeservers, electrawoman.freeservers, and dynagirl.freeservers). In 2001, he moved to a new webhost (, and consolidated everything under the website. This site is updated twice a week, with 5 pages on Wednesdays and 10 pages on Saturdays

Glitter's Cap-Page Board In 2002, GlitterRock started Glitter's Cap-Page Board which allowed captioning using a message-board format. Currently, it boasts over 250 members from around the world. More details can be found in the Board's own entry. This site is updated every day. (computer woes permitting)

Caption Who With the Cap-Page Board showing Doctor Who on a regular basis, GlitterRock decided to create an offshoot site (still located within the umbrella) dedicated to those captions themselves. In 2002, he debuted Caption Who on the 39th anniversary of the TV show's first episode. The main difference between the captions on Caption Who and the ones on the regular site is that the "running jokes" and other minutae that might not be familiar to the regular Doctor Who-fan are omitted from the Caption Who archives. It has won two awards from the website, and is listed in the Doctor Who Web Guide. This site is updated every two weeks.

Glitter History

Over the years, a large and extensive mythos has built around the "GlitterRock" supervillain persona. Here are some key moments:

???? - Born. Immediately loved disco.

???? - Went to Miskatonic University, majored in supervillainy. (minored in music appreciation) Two of his professors were Dr. Clayton Forrester (from Mystery Science Theater 3000), and another was a music teacher who became his lead henchman SideMan.

1976 - Started supervillain career. Fought several superheroes, made alliances with supervillains. Plan to take over planet with jewel from Key of Torenborg foiled by Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. He and SideMan were sent to prison.

???? - Many years in prison. SideMan eventually released, prepared for GlitterRock's eventual return. When GlitterRock was released from prison, moved to a new lair (the Glitterdome).

1999 - Started his glitterrock.freeservers website, using high-speed subliminal images in the screengrabs to take over the minds of visitors.

2001 - GlitterRock and SideMan arrested. GlitterRock had enough money to bail out one of them, so he bailed himself out. Started the SaveOurSideMan website to raise bail money for SideMan.

2004 - GlitterRock's attorneys got his previous criminal record overturned. GlitterRock ran for President of the United States. Lost election.