Steve the Astronaut

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Steve the Astronaut


Whenever there's an image of an astronaut, a Steve the Astronaut joke will be appropriate.


Explanation courtesy of GlitterRock.

That's a private joke that Nyssa23 and I had, based on a toy she had of a small astronaut which she called Steve (now in the care of Sarah and Hunter). We were joking online, and I 'sang' a "Steve The Astronaut themesong" (meant to be said in a dull monotone) which basically changed from topic to topic as we chatted. I tossed it out as a cap once knowing she'd laugh... she capped it knowing I'd laugh... it went back and forth until others started using it. And now, it is immortal

Addendum by Nyssa23:

Steve is called Steve in the same humorous vein that Frank and Dr. Forrester used to refer to each other or Joel/Mike as Steve. In other words, Steve represents that sort of all-American lunkhead who could usually be counted on to appear in those wretched old B-movies we love so well.

Sadly, the actual Steve the Astronaut gets no action even though he is in a plastic storage container with hot action figures of Major Kira, Lt. Jadzia Dax, and Dabo Girl Leeta on account of his suit doesn't open. So seeing himself capped is very important to him.