Capper Crush

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A celebrity from music, television, or movies that a Capper is attracted to. Also known as Celebrity Crush.


The origins of the 'Capper Crush' is mixed. TheGrayZombie has admitted his attraction towards Charisma Carpenter since 1998. And both Amon and AgentMoldy frequently talked about their attraction/lust for Faith Hill and David Duchovny, respectively, during Caption This-capping in the late 90s. The exact term "Capper Crush" was coined during the infamous Capper Crush month in 2004 on Glitter's Cap-Page Board.


Several known Capper Crushes include: Eliza Dushku (GlitterRock), Donald Sutherland (NurseNoir), Allison Mack (PrezGAR), Johnny Depp (various lady Cappers), Pete Burns (TheLurker) , Ewan McGregor (tinaw), Evangeline Lilly (ArchHallJr), Charisma Carpenter (TheGrayZombie), Michael McManus (Granamyr}, Faith Hill (Amon), David Duchovny (AgentMoldy), Hugh Jackman (TheDiva), Orlando Bloom (LauraPowers85), and just about any non-Amplewoman female with a pulse (Beedo).


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