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Cappers and mstie fan movies, seems like a perfect combo, but with one or two exceptions, most of them haven't gotten too far. Seems like the power of wiki and youtube might be a new route to make one.This is still in the experimental phase. So far we've completed one msting and we're (ok, Gerson's) hoping to keep them coming on a semi-regular basis.

The Mstings

The Mechanics

We pick a short film (youtube has a 10 minute limit, and the longer the film, the longer it takes to make the riffing) here, it's uploaded to youtube, and people add their riffs to a script right here on the wiki. Then we pick the best lines, and hopefully split the lines amongst ourselves, record them on our computers and somehow get them to a single editor (probably Gerson) who mixes the whole thing together and puts in on YouTube.

Project Philosophy

  • The project should make something good on a regular basis rather than just talking about making something great.
  • This is a group project.
  • We're learning by making. As we go along, the end product will get better.
  • Things will happen when we get good ideas PLUS people willing to implement them.
  • To prevent things dying in commitee and because it was his idea, Gerson's going to act as the 'producer' and do the things that are tough to split over the group and make and enforce deadlines to see that things don't drag out.
  • Ideas on splitting the producer role over the group are badly needed. Gerson will gladly share the responsibilty with anybody who'll take it and keep it a group project.


  • People to record riffs and get them to the producer.
  • People to write riffs.
  • A good system for voting on riffs.
  • People who'll vote on em.
  • Ideas.