Twenty dollars, same as in town.

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The punchline of an old joke.

The aging head of a secluded Monastary decides he will take a walk into the nearby town for the first time in 30 years. As he's walking down the street he passes a hooker on a corner who says "Hey twenty dollars for a quicky". Confused, he walks past another corner and another hooker says "Hey padre, twenty dollars for a quicky". He has no idea whats going on, so he returns to the monastary and calls the Mother Superior to his office and asks her "Whats a quicky?" She replies "Twenty dollars, same as in town".

As used in capping, a statement uttered by someone unlikely, sometimes altered to fit the theme of the screengrab. Example:

"Twenty credits, same as on Risa."
"Twenty credits, same as on Risa."