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Meet the Cappers

"Hey! Watch where you're pointing that thing, will ya?"
  • Handle: RodRocket
  • Real Name: Jon McKenzie
  • D.O.B.: 4 November 1954
  • Occupation: Printer
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kids: none
  • Handle Origin: Obscure, near forgotten 1960s TV cartoon show.


  • Alternate Handle(s): none
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

May appear shorter and older in real life.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1954, I am likely the oldest capper on GlitterRock's Cap-Page Board. I migrated to Southern California in 1963 and have eaten of the lotus since. I have become addicted to this land of artifice and façade, without hope of recovery, and unlikely to move away. I work in the printing industry. It is stupifyingly dull work, and I will not bore you with any further detail.

I was introduced to capping through MST3K's Caption This! on the Sci Fi Channel's website, though I wasn't on-line until a few months into MST's first season on the channel. But once logged on, I had a merry olde time poking fun at Chase Masterson's cleavage, the gang on The Anti-Grav Room, future Fox News Friend Mike "Monkey Face" Jerrick, and just about anything and everything their screengrabber coughed up, or got stuck on. Seriously, where else could one regularly (and safely) razz Harlan Ellison?

In addition to Caption This! and the Cap-Page Board, I have also capped a lot on Inventing Situations, Night Cap, and Dementia 3000.

Even as a kid, I was drawn to the funny. I'd like to take the opportunity and give a nod to some of my comedic influences over the years: Ernie Kovacs, Stan Freberg, Soupy Sales, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Spike Jones, Wally Boag, Guy Marks, Bob Newhart, Rowan and Martin, The Marx Bros., Hope and Crosby, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Blake Edwards, Peter Sellers, Richard Lester, Bob and Ray, Skiles and Henderson, Hudson and Landry, Lohman and Barkley, Dave Hull (the Hullabalooer), Mort Sahl, Shel Silverstein, Mel Brooks, George Carlin (every incarnation of him), and Dr. Demento.

I am grateful to God, Fate or Circumstance for my sense of humor. Through most of my life it has been my sheild and my sword, has kept me from collapsing under the weight of my own ennui, and prevents me from lugging a rifle up into a bell tower and firing at will. (JOKE!) I am also grateful to any of you who have read my captions and laughed, and found them funny enough to include in the on-line galleries that dot the cyber landscape. An honor, especially considering I am not the most prolific of cappers. And I thank you other cappers for being so gosh darn funny there are times when I am left red-faced and short of breath from laughing so hard.

May God, Fate or Circumstance bless you.

I have posted a selection of captions I consider among my personal best on my Discussion page.


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