Singing Pantless Shat-Squirrel

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One of the strangest running gags ever, it started one day on Caption This! as a series of seperate jokes being made that day. Jokes were being made about merkins, William Shatner's singing, and squirrels. Somehow, they all combined into a special squirrel that sang like Shatner and didn't wear pants because it wanted to display it's merkin to all... the Singing Pantless Shat-Squirrel! It's evolution kind of went like this via a succession of caps: Squirrel-->Shat-Squirrel-->Singing Shat-Squirrel-->Singing Pantless Shat-Squirrel. Since then, the Singing Pantless Shat-Squirrel is believed to have gone extinct, but some theorize it is merely biding it's time waiting for Star Trek episodes to appear on Inventing Situations. That or it lost it's merkin.

.oO"Did I just see a singing pantless Shat-squirrel?"
.oO"Did I just see a singing pantless Shat-squirrel?"