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Meet the Cappers

  • Handle: E_the_E
  • Real Name: Errin Familia
  • D.O.B.: May 22, 1972
  • Occupation: Recording Engineer, Musician, Singer/Songwriter
  • Marital Status: I lead an active bachelor lifestyle
  • Kids: Someday
  • Handle Origin: Errin the Engineer
  • Alternate Handle(s): Started out as CroMignon, though I quickly switched to E_the_E once I knew I was hooked on capping. In the past, I have occasionally used the handles JodySaysZah! and TheGreatDavidWarner for fun
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

I live in Los Angeles, and have been working for a while as a freelance recording engineer (if you like, you can google search my real name to find websites that will list my credits). I am currently trying to make the switch into making a living as a musician without having engineering as the 'day job'. For some reason, I seem to get along best with music types and cappers, as I think that's pretty much solely who I encounter in my everyday life. I think I have been capping since 1998 or 1999, and started back in the SciFi Channel days of 'Caption This!'. Then we had 'Caption That!', which I believe evolved into our beloved Inventing Situations. I'm glad to still be around, and it's always great to meet old friends and new at the cap page. I cap when I can, and I also try to cap about once a week with my dad, who some of you may know as WranglerPar or JollyStPar. Needless to say, I am a MST3K fanatic! I've got about 20 episodes on tape and 45 episodes (and counting) on my laptop. My fav episodes would be Overdrawn At The Memory Bank, Riding With Death, and Werewolf, to name a few. My fav cappers are too numerous to name... all of them, perhaps? Feel free to check out my myspace music page (I'll provide the link), though I don't have any music up quite just yet. Peace, Love, & Capping! : ) p.s. I have no clue why my pic is so big. My ego must have manifested somehow.

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