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Decline-phase Jazzsoda's Caption Lounge.

The Poop

Jazzsoda's Caption Lounge was the first not-as-good-as-Caption This! knockoff to come out of the night shift capping community, and likely the first from any time slot, debuting in June of 1997. It was quickly followed by the vastly superior DTV at Artanas' Dementia 3000 and many similar night shift homebrew capping sites like E_B_A's Caption Orgy, JediClone's Monster-Vision, HanoverF's Caption Shat!, and BuckFifty's Cap It Yoself. Jazz's Caption Lounge started out as a cleverly-disguised guestbook that allowed users to caption threads like Government Training Films and The Insurance Guy, as well as their own pictures and some odd photos of a green puppet Jazz found. Eventually the site was expanded to include a more advanced activity called "Caption THAT, Sucka!" which allowed users to caption hundreds of random CT grabs from Jazz's gallery. Much later, the site would become bloated with an assortment of hilarious not-quite-capping activities like Pizza Ordering Tips and Email Subject Lines. With the success of Hipsoda's Caption Crack, "Caption THAT, Sucka!" became redundant and was retired, but the rest of the site's activities remain active.