Exposed Capper

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Also seen as "Capper Exposed."

A reference to the "Captioneers Exposed!" pages formerly run by Artanas and now hosted by Jazzsoda's Caption Gallery, where cappers send in real pictures of themselves, cap those pictures, and fill out a little "Dewars Profile" type questionnaire.

Immediately after "Captioneers Exposed!" was launched, Artanas himself began to spoof the idea by capping headshot screengrabs as if they were the photos sent in to him by imaginary cappers, whose handles were revealed as either fitting or ironic when coupled with the photographic evidence. This soon became a popular thread in both late-night and daytime capping circles.

Originally from
Cappers Exposed #63: Braless_Mama

Another offshoot of the same idea involved cappers referencing "Exposed Capper" whenever one thought a screengrab looked a little (sometimes a very little) like the real-life visage of a fellow capper. For some reason, this one seemed to get used for Xigeous a lot, or maybe that's just me.