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New Orleans, 2000

Capper Fest LA County Fair, Pomona 2000

Seattle Capfest, Summer 2002: Caption Gallery # 1

Seattle Capfest, Summer 2002: Caption Gallery # 2

San Antonio, Texas, September 2003, with Abservo, JAUSTRALIS, Batqueen, Chebwa, Annakie7, porpoise, rickubis, and Unreality!

NYC CapFest, October 2005, featuring Daleman, Generik & The Lovely Mrs. Generik, GersonK, GizM, MSTzilla, Unreality, and Zee!

New York, NY 06/03/2006 - Shanky, GizM, UnReality, and GersonK return to Johns Pizzeria, then stroll around midtown and fail to see any national landmarks.

Seattle, WA 06/16/2006 - Mr_Grant, Generik, Sally, Buffoon and Animebabe observe a localized temporal anomaly: a second round of drinks is carried from the bar to the Cappers' table. To the drinks, only a minute seems to have passed; but to the Cappers, it has been 45 minutes.

Capper Fest Las Vegas, Oct 1st-4th 2009 Hosted by bosko [1]