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Second Life (SL) is a 3-D interactive user-driven environment, navigated through the use of personal representations called avatars. The fact that Quicktime movies can be viewed through SL makes it easy for Capper avatars to congregate and play MST3K: The Home Game. The first place on SL specifically advertising such events is a property (parcel) called the Elbow Room. BlakHat1 has a Quicktime screen running on his property (House Bloodwing) to show black and white Westerns from that are worthy of capping. There is a Cappers of Second Life Group through which players can send group Instant Messages to coordinate events.

The current members of the Cappers of Second Life group are listed by their Capper handles and their Second Life Names. Note that a Capper may have multiple avatars (alts) that are not registered with the Cappers of Second Life group.

Note: WickedSin13 is the first Capper known to have joined the Capper community through Second Life.