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Another form of online riffing, consisting of a group of people in a chat room all watching and making fun of the same movie on television. This particular incarnation got its start when the SCI FI Channel aired The Day the World Ended on March 28, 1999 and allowed fans to riff it via IRC at, and superimposed selected comments over the movie.

While, this was a one time event on-air, some msties made it a regular event for several years, picking a movie or two on basic cable each week and getting together to riff it on's IRC sever (although it was eventually moved off of In recent years they seem to have either given up or gone deeply underground.

Some home gamers were cappers and vice versa, but by and large there wasn't a huge overlap.


Open Questions

Didn't a few cappers get their riffs on-air?

Weren't there two showings?