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Awww, it's baby's first "underwear on the ceiling"<br>
caption. Isn't that so cute. Such a smart little baby.<br>
Yes ums is! Yes ums is!<br>
Over the years the Capper community has existed, numerous running gags (aka threads) have been created.  While some threads seem to carry over for months or even years, others are more ephemeral, lasting for an hour or a day. These can be set off by a misspelled word, or a caption which snares the imagination of those in the "capping room" at the time. People entering the "capping room" later are sometimes mystified at the barrage of references to a particular concept, but can usually join the flow either by asking what all the hubbub is about, or just jumping in. The following is a list of some of the longer-lived threads.  (feel free to add any that have been forgotten, or add or modify pages for any gags that you're particularly familiar with)
== The Gags ==
*[[Action Librarian]]
*[[All The Sistah You Need]]
*[[*awkward pause*..."Storeroom?"]]
*[[...and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver]]
*[[...and Morgul, as the Friendly Drelb]]
*[[Babylon 5 specific gags]]
*[[Basket of Porn]]
*[["Big McLarge-Huge!"]]
*[[BlakHat1, BlakHat2, BlakHat3..]]
*[[Bonnie Hammer]]
*[[Brad Richdale]]
*[[Buffoon's Ex-Wife's Heart]]
*[[Callsign: "__"]]
*[[Capper Crush]]
*[[Capper Pets]]
*[[Caption Goddess]]
*[[The Caption This! Curtains]]
*[[Charisma Carpenter And The Green Dildo]]
*[[Charisma Carpenter-Zombie]]
*[[Chocolate Pit]]
*[[Coach Gabe Kaplan: The Search for Mrs. Kaplan's Clitoris]][http://kinetic.seattle.wa.us/old-iwarp/nxtlevel/captions/group1-8/datasetx-0-9.html]
*[[The Cursed Dildo]]
*[[Deadman Redshirt]]
*[[Don LaPre's Package]]
*[[Draw! No Wait I'm clay]]
*[[Easily Distracted...]]
*[[Estella Warren THUD]]
*[[Exposed Capper]]
*[[Failed Superhero]]
*[[The Flaming C_nt of Sauron]]
*[[The Frandles]]
*[[Goat Skull]]
*[[_____ Got Knocked The F*ck Out]]
*[[Greeting Jehovah's Witnesses Naked]]
*[[Hallmarks of the Roger Moore as Bond era]]
*[[Happy Fun Ball]]
*[[Happy Fun Brigadier]]
*[[Hulk's Secret]]
*[[I am Sci-Fi]]
*[[I Crap Bigger Than You]]
*[[... I just met her!]]
*[[I Like Pie]]
*[[If They Mated]]
*[[Im Strong, Like Da Hulk]]
*[[...IN SPACE!!!!]]
*[[_____ IS _____!]]
*[[Jason Leopold Voorhees]]
*[[Jazz Hands!]]
*[[Jim Henson's ____ Babies]]
*[[keogh (The Thread)|keogh]]
*[[Kung Fu Grandma]]
*[[Lame Band Night]]
*[[Margot Kidder]]
*[[meQal's Chili]]
*[[Monty Python derived gags]]
*[[Mouths and mouse pointers]]
*[[Napalm Bright]]
*[[Ned Fleener For President!]]
*[[______ Needs More Elves]]
*[[Nice Can!]]
*[[Nudie Pen]]
*[[. . . OF THE FUTURE!!!]]
*[[. . . of the oooold West!]]
*[[On the International Space Station, Day #_]]
*[[One eyebrow raised]]
*[[Only Zuul]]
*[[Oh, Hell no!]]
*[[Ooo, is that cheesecake?]]
*[[Pinesol Eulabelle]]
*[[Plum Fairies]]
*[[Poorly Researched Theater]]
*[[Porch Swings]]
*[[Porky Spice]]
*[[Possum Broth]]
*[[Praise JAY-ZUS!!]]
*[[Railing Kill]]
*[[Refreshing Coca-Cola]]
*[[Robert Denby]]
*[[Satan's Penis]]
*[[...same as in town]]
*[[Screaming Reamer]]
*[[Sci-Fi Lighting]]
*[[Sci-Fi Me]]
*[[Screengrabber Freeze]]
*[[Screengrab Gods]]
*[[Singing Pantless Shat-Squirrel]]
*[[Smashup Theater]]
*[[Smug Mode]]
*[[Sorry, Not Very Interesting Without Graphics]]
*[[Spit or Swallow!]]
*[[Steely Dan]]
*[[Steve the Astronaut]]
*[[Suicide Squirrel]]
*[[Tannis Smoothie]]
*[[The Glitterocitor/Another Dimension]]
*[[The Larch]]
*[[The Red X]]
*[[Thuck Your Cock]]
*[[Twenty dollars, same as in town.]]
*[[Underwear on the Ceiling]]
*[[Vitamin Beedo]]
*[[o/` Wokka-chikka-wokka-chikka-wokka-chikka! o/`]]
*[[Yellow Sudden Beam]]
*[[The Young ____ Chronicles]]
*[[You're Shittin' Me Theater]]
*[[Zalman King's "_______"]]
== Links ==
[http://hipsoda.com/jazz/gallery/threads.html Current threads at Jazzsoda's Caption Gallery] - Concentrates on those gags used by the old school night shift cappers.

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