Don't Touch

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Status: Expect to see the finished product on 1/2/7 and then we'll start all over again.


Cappers and mstie fan movies, seems like a perfect combo, but with one or two exceptions, most of them haven't gotten too far. Seems like the power of wiki and youtube might be a new route to make one. This effort is an experiment to see if it can work. I've put one of the AV Geeks films from up on youtube, so folks could write riffs for it here on the capperwiki. It's still an experiment, so we'll be deciding how to do things as we go along.

The Movie

We're riffing a public service film called Don't Touch. You can view it with either of these links:


WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Can you record a riff at high quality and upload/mail it to Gerson so he can stitch em all together? Do you have some other suggestions on how to make it work?


  • I can do lines as Blasting Cap man, bogus announcer or general riffer. Kids voices and singing are not my strong suit. GersonK

Writing the script

We've completed writing riffs, vote on which riffs to include by the 16th.

Anybody who wrote a riff, included or not, will be credited as a writer. People who just voted will get special thanks.

Project Philosophy

  • The project should focus on making something good on a regular basis than to just discuss making something great.
  • This is a group project.
  • We're learning by making. As we go along, the end product will get better.
  • Things will happen when we get good ideas PLUS people willing to implement them.
  • To prevent things dying in commitee and because it was his idea, Gerson's going to act as the 'producer' and do the things that are tough to split over the group and make and enforce deadlines to see that things don't drag out.
  • Ideas on splitting the producer role over the group are wanted.


  • More riffs.
  • A good system for voting on them.
  • People who'll vote on em.
  • People to record riffs and get them to the producer.
  • Ideas.

The Production

Another of those things we'll be making up as we go along. Worst case, GersonK will perform and produce the final version, though hopefully we'll figure out a way to spread the performance over a few cappers and then have one person mix them all together. Until we get some good ideas on how to do otherwise, this will be a bare bones voiceover riffing.