Don't Touch

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Cappers and mstie fan movies, seems like a perfect combo, but with one or two exceptions, most of them haven't gotten too far. Seems like the power of wiki and youtube might be a new route to make one. This effort is an experiment to see if it can work. I've put one of the AV Geeks films from up on youtube, so folks could write riffs for it here on the capperwiki. It's still an experiment, so we'll be deciding how to do things as we go along.

The Movie

We're riffing a public service film called Don't Touch. You can view it with either of these links:

Writing the script

You can add your riffs to the SCRIPT HERE. Be sure to check back often in case somebody has suggested a change or improvement to one of your riffs. Around Sunday November, 12th we can stop writing and start voting on which riffs to actually include.

The Production

Another of those things we'll be making up as we go along. Worst case, GersonK will perform and produce the final version, though hopefully we'll figure out a way to spread the performance over a few cappers and then have one person mix them all together.