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For nearly as long as there's been cappers, there have been caption galleries where they save and display their personal favorite captions.

The following is a very incomplete list of the galleries that cappers have operated over the years.

Gallery Name Link Gallery master Status Last Update Update Schedule
Agent Moldy's Hunk O' Cheese [1] AgentMoldy Live 12/11/2006 Irregular [2] Indomitus Live 9/4/2006 Irregular
gleeb's little caption gallery [3] gleeb Hiatus 10/15/2006 N/A
The GlitterDome [4] GlitterRock Live 12/24/2006 Every Saturday and Wednesday
Jazzsoda's Caption Gallery [5] Jazzsoda Live 12/2006 Weekly caption gallery [6] Reynard_T_Fox Live 11/1/2006 Irregular, about monthly
zee's caption galleries [7] Zee Live 12/26/06 Irregular, several per month