Reynard T Fox

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Meet the Cappers

Mopey Manny! Still upset that we left you with the generic diet cola?
  • Handle: Reynard
  • Real Name: Jonathan Hogg
  • D.O.B.: July 12, 1980
  • Occupation: Subject to change
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kids: Get 'em out of my sight
  • Handle Origin: Trickster anti-hero from folklore, formerly with middle initial T thrown in for wackiness, now shortened for a new era of brevity
  • Alternate Handle(s): MrBadger (before seriously becoming a caption maven), Isegrim_T_Wolf (April Fools handle, 2000 or so), PeterDestructo (alternate handle during that week where we all used alternate handles for some reason, to piss off the squares, I guess), too many holiday variants to list.
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

Found Caption This! as many people do, when looking for MST3K on that weird new Internet thing. Found it intermittently amusing at first, began frequenting it more in the early winter of 1998 during my lonely freshman year of college surrounded by dormitory dullards. Eventually started recognizing handles and gravitating toward the late night shift due to my mind working more properly for capping then, and also the gallery was less crowded and therefore allowed enough time to craft a decent punchline without it disappearing into the internet void completely. Launched a caption gallery on a Geocities web site in spring of 1999, dropped it for four years. Drifted away from capping around the same time everyone else did. Wrote a great many sentences without a subject. Currently work the late Saturday night shift with the great comic alchemists of old.