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Cap O The Day's Award, The Golden COD

The History Of Cap ‘O The Day

Back in October of 2001, a somewhat naive ArchHallJr decided he wanted to join the ranks of those cappers who offered capping alternatives to Caption This!. He looked over the Capperverse and saw there was a weekly capping venue and a monthly one plus a few in real time. Naturally, he thought a daily venue should be the next progression. He called it Cap ‘O The Day and introduced the concept to the eGroup. It got a very lukewarm response at first, but eventually the response upgraded to slightly tepid due to Arch’s whining about how no one loved and/or cared about him and his idea.

The contest began at first on October 22, 2001 with Arch sending an image of a large and colorful fish through the eGroup and having folks send him their caps on it via e-mail. The first winners were Generik and KINGDINOSAUR. It became clear early on that sending the image through the eGroup was not a very efficient way of conducting the contest, so Arch opened up a freeservers account and hosted the Cap ‘O The Day site there.

The capper community at large got to vote on what the name for the award would be. In the end, the name for the award came from the initials Cap O the Day. The very first Golden COD was awarded to Lanzman on 11/9/01, a few weeks after the contest was initiated.

There was the main winner of the Golden COD and an Honorable Mention. The remainder of the caps were displayed in a gallery called the Russell Johnson / Dawn Wells Section ( you know: . . . and the rest!).

Cap ‘O The Day quickly became quite the misnamed venture. The task of bringing a new image to everyone everyday wasn’t difficult so much as was the updating of the site. Not being a very organized person, Arch's full time job changed scope and it required him to severely limit his time on personal projects. Especially during work hours, the bastards. The site was updated on a rather irregular basis and eventually got put on indefinite hiatus May 1, 2002 with the last winner of the award being DiscoBoy.

Arch has threatened on more than one occasion to stop being such a flake and start running the Cap 'O The Day contest again. He maintains that the possibility for it’s resurrection is still on the table.

Classic Golden COD Winning Caps

COD Winner!
Yoko's move: Ringo to Paul's George 3. Johnmate.

COD Winner!
Toaster Mom makes a nice healthy alternative to Real Mom on those mornings when you just don't have the time to put up with that whiny, guilt-tripping wife or mother of yours. Just pop her in the toaster for a minute or two, and you've got a warm body to kiss the husband goodbye and pack the kid's lunch. Toaster Mom! From Kellogg!


Cap O The Day (note: site no longer updated)