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The Cappers Group (also sometimes called the Cappers eGroup, the original name before eGroups was bought by Yahoo) was started in March of 1999 by Cyberbeast as a way to better orginize the Cappers' collective efforts in the Save Our Satellite campaign. The fate of MST3K may have been unchangeable, but the Group soon found a new reason to exist. The Capper experience simply couldn't be contained within Caption This. The freedom the group alloted to exchange thoughts, ideas, news, jokes, stories, and personal information was very appealing to many.

The Group grew, and the Cappers discovered that they had much more in common with each other than just their favorite TV show. Casual aquaintences became real friends, and an online community became a family.

What Does The Cappers Group Mean to You?

Through the years the Cappers Group has come to mean different things to different people. So what better way to explain the Group experience than to have some Cappers answer the above question.

The Cappers really are my second family. They've been there for me through the good times of my life, and the bad. And like family, there are days when they irritate you, and there are days when you don't know what you'd do without them. To me, the Cappers Group represents acceptance. It's the corner bar where everybody knows your name. It's the beloved pet that you can come home to after a bad day that still loves you no matter what. It's home.


I'll never forget when I discovered there was a Capper eGroup. I was tooling around Gerson's site and read something about it. I'd always thought that such a large group of people had to have a central meeting place and I was right. I was honored that you all thought enough of me to let me join the group. In going back to reference when it was exactly I joined, I noticed that 144b was the first person to recommend me. I got a tear in my eye over that. And in true Bert fashion he misspeled my name:

Yep. I have seen Arch Haii Jr. caps.
Let him in.

The capper group has been many things to me over the years. A source of joy, peace, sadness, anger . . . every emotion worthy of mentioning I have experienced while reading what you folks have had to say.
There are two events which were discussed at length at the eGroup that I don't think I will ever forget. Number one was 9/11. The tone of the conversation mirrored what was going on in the real world. It was eerie. Everyone seemed punch-drunk. The second event was the announcement of 144b's death. It hit everyone hard and he was the focus of conversation for almost a week thereafter.
Those experiences helped me realize just how much you all mean to me. Cyber said it pretty damn well and far more succinctly than I ever could. But here's a try:

The capper eGroup is like the old friend you've known for years. You may not talk to each other every day anymore. In fact, it may be weeks or even months before you speak. But when you do, it's like you just spoke the day before.


I found the group through Generik, and it was a genuinely life-changing experience. Because of this group, I've made new friends and even met the man I would eventually marry (DiscoBoy.) Many thanks to Generik for inviting me and GlitterRock for being the first to recommend me back in the day. I love you all. Yes, even you.


I remember I was looking at other peoples websites and I saw a link to the egroup and I went in just lurking and they became my very good friends. At the time I had been just emailing certain cappers, like Widget and a few others. Some are here and some are gone.

I have been capping for eight years on and off. Once in a while I get on and do an entire page alone in IS and once in a while I'm in there and there is someone else on board. But I really miss capping Star Trek. Every time it's on I think, "Ooo...Opportunity missed." It's similiar to Lianna's poem she wrote about capper heaven "It's where you can make fun of Star Trek 24-7 and never hit the same episode twice, and never have to use a toupee joke more than once. (Unless you want to.)"


I have an entire montage to 911 in my blog- things we emailed back and forth to one another. As if we were holding each others hands electronically. It was a rough day for me because I knew Joe was in New York but I didn't know where. (That's common because he gets sent to somewhere other than he tells me where he is going in the morning, frequently...) I was in shell shock because my girl friend had to ask me where he was for me to remember that he was there. I was alone with my children; fighting off peoples ignorance. (My sister in law was calling my husband's workplace when it was really my responsibility, I figured if they needed to call me they would anyway). I was really lonely that day and the cappers helped a lot. Even when my net connection was down, I was thinking of where everyone was, and knowing that someone was out there that I could talk to when it came up. Someone who might know more than I did or would know news before CNN did. I worried about everyone. When I thought I was sick and might have cancer, everyone was there for me. Which I was very grateful for and always will be. I have also been very happy with my trekmophiles Egroup; it's mostly cappers. They are there no matter what Rick Berman does to mess up the time line. Enapov