Will Cap for Food

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The thrill of captioning through the thrilling medium of e-mail.

Some time in late 1999, the illustrious (and lustrous-haired) Generik sent to his expansive e-mail list an old black and white picture of a comely young lass modeling something called a "Face Bra", and invited the cappers to send in funny captions for the picture. Within hours, everyone's e-mail inbox was filled with humorous captions sent by pressing "Reply All". To alleviate this spam, Generik floated the possibility of archiving everyone's captions on a web page, and BuckFifty graciously donated web space for the endeavor.

Thus began the weekly enterprise of Will Cap For Food which continues to this day, aside from various "vacation" weeks. On Mondays, Generik sends out a strange picture acquired from somewhere (most pictures now are donated by the cappers) to his e-mail list, and the cappers send a caption along with their handle. After the first 42 outings, Generik retired from WCFF duty, but later on un-retired (much like Michael Jordan), and has since then continued the endeavor with web-hosting skillz wielded by Agent_Moldy and now Amon.

Sadly, pages 43 through 188 of the WCFF archives (including the "Hall Of Fame" of the best captions selected by the cappers from the first 100 pages of WCFF) have been lost due to a senseless purge by free web space provider Freeservers, on which the archives were formerly hosted.