The Flaming C nt of Sauron

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Usually referenced when seeing the Flaming Eye of Sauron from the "Lord Of The Rings" movies. Also used if something is flaming strangely, or resembles a vagina.


The genesis of this running joke began when there were a number of riffs in GlittersCappageBoard's "The Hobbit" gallery about the Flaming Eye of Sauron. Capper NurseNoir said this:

"DoktorD? actually had to point out to me that it WAS an eye! On our first viewing of "Fellowship," another friend kept referring to it as "The Flaming C**t of Sauron"! I just couldn't see an eye there at all! D'OH!"

The description was popular enough that Cappers began referring to the Eye as the "Flaming C*nt of Sauron" (asterisk intentional), whether it was about the Eye itself, or a flaming image in general.