Tannis Smoothie

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The Tannis Smoothie running gag shows up whenever there is a particularly diabolic-looking villain. It is a reference to the movie Rosemary's Baby, where Mia Farrow's character is constantly cajoled by the neighbors in her apartment building to drink a concoction with tannis root, ostensibly for her unborn baby's health but in reality to help transform her fetus into the Anti-Christ. The Tannis Smoothie thread began on Glitter's Cap-Page during a presentation of Rosemary's Baby. Coakley wrote a caption about Alastair Cooke sitting down for breakfast. BlakHat1 considered the Satanic nature of the movie and decided the caption should be about Aleister Crowley instead. The man in the picture asks for a tannis smoothie, putting a sinister spin on a recent health food craze. Both Coakley's and BlakHat1's response in Glitterrocks ROsemary's Baby caption gallery, Page 4.