Shatner (the capper)

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A special example of a captioning handle, used at the website Wasting Precious Time. The handle 'Shatner' identifies a varied team of cappers who produce a Round Robin story by taking turns at contributing one image + a caption for it, the various texts of these being continuous enough in content to make a unitary story.

Shatner's style is rather fantastical, surreal, disorganized, and sometimes somewhat improper.

Writing as one of his components, I may appropriately mention that though he is a man (so far, as of Round Robin story # 10), he is not 100 % married, was born on at least 4 different days of the year, has a great many residences all over the United States from coast to coast, and probably makes in excess of $200,000 US dollars a year. ( - Ladies please note. )