Pinesol Eulabelle

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Those who remember Caption This! will also remember how often the screengrabber would freeze up on one shot. Usually this would bar any capping from occuring for a limited time, but sometimes it would allow the captioning of just that one shot, sometimes for days on end. One of the shots it froze on one time was the black spokeswoman for Pinesol. MST3K episode 817 "Horror At Party Beach" contains a beloved character by the name of Eulabelle, a black maid with a strange hairstyle. When the screengrabber froze on her for a couple days, the cappers dubbed the Pinesol spokeswoman "Pinesol Eulabelle". It remained a running gag while the screengrabber was frozen, but stuck around afterwards whenever a Pinesol commercial with her in it would show up in the Caption This! screengrabber.