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Margot Kidder, whose acting career included playing Lois Lane in the first four Superman movies released between 1978 and 1987, was in the news a few years back because she was, well, NUTS!

She was reported to be talking to vegetables and several lightbulbs who promised to be her friends. (Hell, I don't know.) Actually, I was told she was living in a park in the bushes or something like that. Anyway, any screengrab of a woman who looks like Margot Kidder -- and who seems, well, NUTS -- is probably going to be the subject of a Margo Kidder cap. An innocent woman looking at a carrot might be capped, "Margo Kidder has reportedly found her soul mate and will be moving to Wyoming to set up housekeeping soon." So, beware: you could be looking innocently at your diet soda and a Kidder cap could suddenly come about. Remember, no bubble is a safe bubble.

The night shift in particular took Margot and ran with her, building a reality and a form of babble around her.


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