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Decidedly one of the most heinous pieces of crap the movie industry ever put out, the occult work "Manos" The Hands of Fate is about a family that stumbles across an occult group in the sixties. It's boring beyond conception. But perfection as far as capper fodder is concerned. It is one of the movies shown on MST3K and considered by those of us in the capper community as somewhat of a classic. It is required viewing in its MST3K format for anyone calling themselves a "capper." When referring to Manos Hands of Fate people often shorten to simply "MANOS." It's easier and less likely to cause chaffing. Best known for the character Torgo. When capping, Torgo's distinctive voice is usually represented by alternating capital and lower-case letters, eg: "I aM tOrGo. I tAkE cArE oF tHe PlAcE wHeN tHe MaStEr Is AwAy."

Trivia from i.m.d.b.:

  • Working title was 'Mangos: Cans of Fruit'.
  • (Several years ago) Voted overwhelmingly the worst movie ever made. the time, even 'Eegah' and 'Hobgoblins' came in distinctly behind it in, shall we say, worstness. (Currently at #36 [June '06] - but second in number of votes against it at c. 12,000 . . . behind 18,000-odd against 'Battlefield Earth' and ahead of 10,000-odd against 'Spice World'.)