Goat Skull

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The original reference was made on the Cappers Yahoo Group back in April of 2000 by BuckFifty.

One thing I've always found ironic with a lot of these egroups, is that no one gets offended if someone says they'd like to skull-f*ck a dead goat in a broom closet... but some folks get all uppity about someone being interested in finding a date. How bizarre, how bizarre.

The vivid imagery immediately stirred Cappers' imaginations, and we've been playing with it ever since.


The goat skull in the broom closet is mostly referenced when welcoming a new Capper to the Group, as one of the running gags we have that doesn't really make any sense (along with Underwear on the Ceiling, Basket of Porn, Chocolate Donuts for Amon, and Robofreak's 31-Flavored Ass). Few people, if any, remember the origin of the reference.


This is the last picture of the goat whose skull is in the Capper's Group closet.