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Sub categories?

If anybody's reading this, I have an idea for making this section more helpful for getting returning cappers, newbies, and well, everyone, but it's one I've got an admitted conflict of interest with. Right now there are 16 entries in the category, no more than 10 of them are currently active anymore. Of those 10: 3 rotate their images on no more than a daily basis 1 is essentially a special event at another 1 requires you to run Second Life

While all of the distinct venues are worthy of entries and attention, I think it'd be nice if we could make it a little easier for cappers to figure out the action's at, so to speak, without making it a self-fufiling prophecy by only giving pride of place to the venues that already have a crowd.

My first, and I think least controversial proposal, is to make a sub-cat of Capping Venues called "inactive venues" or something like that, to include Cap O The Day, Cap Of The Month, Caption This, Dementia 3000, Never Ending Caption, and Nite Cap.

My second proposal is more ill formed and maybe less useful - some sort of distinction based on the "CTness" of the site. Though some of the more CT-like sites, like Earth 62 don't necessarily have the most action from old time CTers, and some of the more active sites amongst cappers, like Glitter's Cap-Page Board, aren't that CT like.

What do you think, sirs? --GersonK 23:58, 26 December 2007 (GMT)