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Monty Python's Flying Circus is of course a vast, nearly-inexhaustible mine for all manner of profound but profoundly unoriginal jests, usually indulged in under a mistaken impression that they are something completely different. This completely bogus effort at humor produces a whole school of captions, which are all saved from the wastebasket by, at very least, their ability to give tribute to Monty Python from the total safety of absolute obscurity. This web-page attempts to eliminate that obscurity altogether and say in heartfelt tribute, "When you did it, it was original! Now that we're doing it too, it's dumb! Thank you so much!"

A guide to Monty Python-based captioning is to be found below. Unless you have a great talent at losing things... (...that's what the black 'x' thing at the upper right of your web browser is for.)

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