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A capper award is, like a website award, a custom-created image in honor of quality. Capper awards are given to cappers or their caption-appropriate website. The winners are typically decided by the capper handing out the award, though occasionally they will be voted on by the general populace, as with the Demmies.


Possibly the most famous capper award was the Flarn Award, created by alexgariepy. They were themed on the show 'Babylon 5', and awarded to the participating capper who did best on the day of the award, after the showing of a B5 episode ended at CT!. The award's name refers to an edible substance eaten by the Minbari people in the Babylon 5 world. Cappers who won 5 Flarn awards then won the coveted Spoo award.


The Demmy was awarded in relation to Dementia 3000, a now-defunct website. They were awarded yearly between 1998(?) and 2000 based on capper voting on nominatees selected by Artanas from the previous year. Voting was started for 2001 but never completed.

Alternate copy of the Demmy Award page for the year 1999

Professional Advancement

ArchHallJr's Capper National Laboratory badge

Professional Advancement badges are issued by Mr_Grant's website, the Capper National Laboratory and are typically handed out based on how many captions a capper has in that caption gallery. However, Mr_Grant has handed out a number of honorary PhC. badges.

An example of Capper National Laboratory badge can be seen to your right.

Another example of a PA badge is on an archived copy of an alexgariepy website, which also runs down the Babylon 5 show some.

The Golden Cod

Awarded for the best caption of the day at the somewhat accurately named Cap O The Day website.

Other awards shows four capper website awards. shows an example of the Golden Cod, as well as further Flarn-associated awards.