Jim Henson's Babies

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This is a gag that appears anytime there is a screengrab of a child or child-like being that could be the younger version of a familiar character or person. It refers to the cartoon show, "Jim Henson's Muppet Babies", which featured the familiar Muppets as they appeared when young. It's yet another gag shamelessly stolen from "Mystery Science Theater 3000". For example:

"Jim Henson's Rae Dawn Chong Babies" -City Limits

"Jim Henson's Flying Leatherneck Babies!" -City Limits

"Jim Henson's Barreta Babies" -Teenagers From Outer Space

"Jim Henson's Cracker Babies" -Attack of the Giant Leeches

"Jim Henson's Exodus Babies" -Hercules Against the Moonmen

"Jim Henson's Gandhi Babies" -Hercules and the Captive Woman

"Jim Henson's Last Picture Show Babies" -The Killer Shrews

"Jim Henson's Baby Babies." -Being From Another Planet.

Try your own, it's fun when it's fun!

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