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In addition to the Wiki basics covered on the front page, here are some instructions for the common tasks you'll want to carry out on the capper wiki:

Editing Your Profile

  1. Find yourself on the Meet the cappers page. Click your link and then go to the edit tab
  2. Add the following text to the page: "{{capper}}"
  3. By adding the following fields after the word capper (separated by the pipe character "|"), you can fill in your information. (All of these fields are optional
    • Handle=Your handle (if you're unhappy with the capitalizing/punctuation of the wiki page name)
    • ImageName=your image name
    • ImageDescription=alt text for your image
    • RealName=your real name
    • Birthday=as much of your birthday as you want to put online
    • Occupation=Your job
    • MaritalInfo=are ya getting any?
    • Kids=Are you responsible for other humans? Who let that happen?
    • HandleOrigin=So forth and so on
    • AltHandles=A list of any alternate handles you want to share.
    • MyStuff=A history of yourself with as little or as much information you think your fellow cappers can handle about you
  4. You should have something that looks kind of like this:
    |ImageDescription=It's all about the Fang, baby!
    |RealName=Ed Fang
    |Birthday=August 1, 1990
    |Occupation=Doctor of Dentistry
    |HandleOrigin=I AM DOCTOR FANG
    |MyStuff=I am much cooler than you. So there.}}
  5. You can add links beneath that in the standard wiki format: *[url description]
  6. Our example (with added links) would look like:
Meet the Cappers
It's all about the Fang, baby!
  • Handle: DrFang
  • Real Name: Ed Fang
  • D.O.B.: August 1, 1990
  • Occupation: Doctor of Dentistry
  • Marital Status: unknown
  • Kids: unknown
  • Handle Origin: I AM DOCTOR FANG
  • Alternate Handle(s): CaptainCool
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

I am much cooler than you. So there.


Adding a Caption

  1. Be respectful of gallery keepers - don't do wholesale copies of content. Just take the captions you need to illustrate a point.
  2. Upload the image - the "Upload file" link is located in the left hand toolbox. We haven't settled on a file naming convention for the "Destination filename" field, but try picking something distinctive. If the source file still has the 9 to 10 digit timestamp in its name, consider keeping it, since that can tell us when it was capped. After uploading, you should see a page with the image, and the destination filename underneath. You will need the destination filename to include the caption on your page.
  3. On the edit tab for the page you're adding the caption to, simply drop down the following:

{{caption|Destination Filename|CapperName|Caption|OptionalCaptionDescription}}

example: {{caption|1148437566.jpg|Bigstupid|Behind me is the most comprehensive list of cappers ever compiled. A sad waste of humanity indeed|Capped at 10:27 PM, 5/23/2006}}

renders as:

Capped at 10:27 PM, 5/23/2006
Behind me is the most comprehensive list of cappers ever compiled. A sad waste of humanity indeed