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    • Handle=Raven_Poe
    • ImageName=Oh god it's that creepy girl!
    • ImageDescription= Just your adverage Gothic Witch
    • RealName=Barbara Rohrman
    • Birthday=April 14, 1977
    • Occupation=Tattoo Artist and Sarcastic Witch
    • MaritalInfo=Married
    • Kids= Doing humanity a favor by not pro-creating.
    • HandleOrigin= Huge fan of Poe
    • AltHandles= Caspersmoon
    • You Can Find Me Capping= Here (myspace/ravenpoe4 or facebook using caspersmoon@gmail.com or ravenpoe4 on Twitter. I'm practically everywhere.)
    • MyStuff= Few years back I was amongst the many and talented cappers of Scifi's Caption This site. When that went down I looked around for other sites like it and didn't come up with much. Up til now, I gave up on it. While doing a search I stumbled across the Capper Wiki and was thrilled at what I found. It goes to show, once a capper, always a capper. (I still kept up my capper dedicated site all these years. Take a look, maybe you'll see something familiar! http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/RavenPoe/cap.html).