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Meet the Cappers

Chaos actually looks like this, according to coworkers.
  • Handle: ChaosWolf1982
  • Real Name: Joshua Herrington
  • D.O.B.: July 9, 1982
  • Occupation: Unemployed, and seeking new employment with meager success.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kids: None, and God willing, this will remain unchanged.
  • Handle Origin: The 1982 is obvious - his birth-year, but the "ChaosWolf" part is a bit more obscure. Chaos is a reference to "His lordship Chaos", author of the now-defunct "Curse of the Fanboys!" anime fanfic series, and "Wolf" is, rather simply, well, due to his love of wolves and werewolves.
  • Alternate Handle(s): unknown
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

Best known for being the Capper whose Crushes are almost entirely fictional - women from anime, videogames, American-animation, etc. Occasionally has these "toon Crushes" wander into his caps. Evidence of him being an actual werewolf is uncertain at best, though he has admitted to being hairy, nocturnal, and possessing fangs.

Is known for the odd "capper persona" of being a mad-scientist/baker. Shuriken waffle, anyone? How about a cupcake grenade?