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Meet the Cappers

  • Handle: cajunmagic
  • Real Name:
  • D.O.B.: January 6
  • Occupation: writer/poet
  • Marital Status: single, but not depressed about it
  • Kids: none yet
  • Handle Origin: From a spice, put out by Lawry's. Oh, yeah, also cuz I'm Cajun.
  • Alternate Handle(s): cajunfriedtofurkey (Thanksgiving), GeorgeSandersJr. (Halloween)
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

cajunmagic is widely recognized as one of only two unfunny pervs in existence--the other of course allegedly being the elusive PrezGAR, as well as a "sick puppy". His captions are legendary, though not as much as his constant public displays of affection for actress Julianna Rose Mauriello. cajunmagic even went so far as to fly to Iceland, just to "feel 'er up". cajunmagic's lifelong dream (well, his dream for the last year, anyway) was finally realized when he and Mauriello married in a ceremony in Reykjavik (one of the only places you can do such a thing). Right from the start, the ceremony was marred by controversy, with the maids of honor, Diva, Shadarus and LadyLoxley, each embarrassing themselves in typical ways, Diva loudly demanding there be kettle corn and NO red M&M's at the buffet table, Shadarus assaulting the crowd, showing everyone her blue tongue, and Loxley--well, we're not sure about Loxley. The last she was seen was wandering the church, asking random spectators, priests and nuns if they knew Rik Mayall. Then, Pixel came stumbling in, drunk, of course, demanding to know why "my Stephanie chose that freak over me". PrezGAR mumbled something about "those fraking puppets" and threw Pixel in the fire. GlitterRock and GrayZombie roasted marshmallows. They were the best tasting marshmallows ever. Recently, cajunmagic made the proud announcement that he and Mauriello were expecting their first child. It is uncertain whether the child will inherit its mother's trademark pink hair, but, one things for sure. It will be very short.

Known Capper Crushes