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Meet the Cappers

The Gray Zombie
  • Handle: The Gray Zombie
  • Real Name: Gary Baum Wilkes
  • D.O.B.: June 5, 1966
  • Occupation: Assistant Operations Supervisor, Brunswick Reacreational Facilities
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kids: unknown
  • Handle Origin: Originally nicknamed The Zombie, he was unable to register that as a handle when he joined The Dominion (what used to be called) due to someone already having that handle. He added "Gray" to the name.
  • Alternate Handle(s): unknown
  • You Can Find Me Capping: I'll tell you later

Personal info

Early Capping History

The Gray Zombie is unsure when he started capping, but figures around 1998. During this time, he was mostly capping on Sunday nights. At times, he had been capping during the early hours of the morning and has spent more than one of those times capping with MirandaRamsey. He remained with Caption This until a year and a half before it went defunct. Sci Fi's programming was not what it once was, most of the old school Cappers had moved on, and Gray no longer had any fun on the site.

The Running Gags

Although not the first Capper to come up with the running gag, or thread as it is also called, Gray did come up with one of the most popular. While capping the Highlander television series, Gray had an image of series star, Adrian Paul, sitting on the couch, looking up, he wrote the caption, "What the?!? How did my underwear get up there?", from that day, he became famous for the Underwear on the Ceiling caption, although it should be pointed out, at the time he was thinking of a ceiling fan, chandelier, or rafters, but gladly accepted the recognition. To this day, many Cappers will use a form of that caption whenever a screengrab of someone looking up is presented.

Another running gag, and most recent, was when capping an episode of the Scooby Doo cartoon. After getting an image of Scooby with a huge grin and Shaggy standing behind him, as if in a sexual position, Gray captioned "Oh, Hell no!". Since that time, Cappers use the gag when presented with a screengrab that is somewhat disturbing.

The Cappers eGroup

Shortly after it's formation, Gray joined the Cappers Yahoo Group. There he became quick friends with many of the members, learning just how real the people behind the handles were.

The Gray Zombie vs DanZero

It was in the Cappers Yahoo Group that The Gray Zombie had his most fun, riffing on fellow Capper, DanZero. Growing tired of DanZero's posts regarding himself, the rock group SoundGarden, and high scores in video games, Gray, being a true Capper, took Dan's posts and started poking fun at the "Illustrious One". This became a regular thing, and a fast favorite of many members, until DanZero left the group for different reasons.

The Capper Crush

Whereas the first Capper to have a crush on a celebrity is unknown, Gray's crush on actress Charisma Carpenter, is perhaps the most popular. In many cases, she's referred to as Charisma Carpenter-Zombie, which was started by GlitterRock.

The Capper Chronicles

Inspired by what CyberBeast was doing with his stories CapTrek, Gray started the Capper Chronicles. There were two different versions. The first dealt with the Cappers saving the world from an interdimensional race known as The Kortac. Sadly, all stories were lost.

The current version has the Cappers as a peace keeping agency, all stories are more tongue in cheek than it's predecessor. The Cappers are based in a city known as Anywhere, USA. The Capper Crushes and other running gags figure prominently in these stories. This current version is currently being worked on, and an update is forthcoming.

Elected Official

After the return of Xigeous to the Capper's eGroup, a campaign was started to elect a Capper Mayor. Xigeous moderated the event with The Gray Zombie, PrezGAR, HelenServo, Scyha, and TheDiva. The Gray Zombie was elected as Mayor of The Cappers. Deciding to take this slightly more serious, Gray has sworn to promote capping, to bring in new Cappers to the fold, and to keep the camaraderie going that has made each and every Capper an important part of each others lives.

Other Odds and Ends

Brother of JAWS6988. Card carrying member of Puppeteers of America and UNIMAUSA